These Burritos Are the Worst

I get it. Sometimes it’s tough to trudge that extra couple blocks. Sometimes you just need a burrito in your face NOW.

[Cartoon by Tika Hall]

7 Responses to “These Burritos Are the Worst”

  1. andy says:

    Today’s first-world problem.

  2. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    “first-world problem” isn’t negative, is it? I certainly don’t consider it to be negative. Slightly teasing, sure, but not actually negative.

  3. bozo says:

    My most common first-world problem is hot water burning my chest at the shower.

  4. Califizzy says:

    Poor bunnies live one block from Taqueria San Jose.

  5. BK says:

    Must be referring to El Buen Sabor