The Parklets of the East

The New York Times has a feature up today on a practice that would send us Missionites into a blind NO SAVESIES rage:

Elsewhere in the neighborhood, the epicenter of the parking wars that erupt here after a snowstorm, the narrow streets were lined with bar stools and coolers, end tables and shopping carts, all meant as warnings: This shoveled-out space is mine until the snow melts. Occupy it at your own risk.

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No Savesies Fight

5 Responses to “The Parklets of the East”

  1. 300baud says:

    I would have been all “no savesies” about this too, until I lived in a city with this tradition. If you spend an hour digging your car out of a foot of snow and ice, you too will feel like you have earned that parking space.

    I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but it’s definitely not crazy.

  2. el jefe says:

    No way – these people are selfish bastards. I can see saving a spot for a few minutes right after you’ve shoveled it (just enough time to bring your car to the spot, but saving it after that is just completely pompous. The whole saving-a-spot thing has nothing to do with the snow. They’re just using the snow – advantageously – as an excuse for being a total Mass-hole.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      You might feel that way, but I would suggest, if you’ve ever reason to park in Boston after a snow-storm, you respect the savsies. Y’know, unless you’re lookin’ to buy some new tires and/or paint job.

      I ain’t sayin’ it’s RIGHT. I’m just sayin’ that’s the way it IS.

  3. Iknowrebekah says:

    You’re welcome!!

    And remember kids: No Savesies in 2011!!

  4. Mike says:

    The parking space is owned by everyone, and paid for by taxpayers. I don’t wanna get all NIMBY here but savesies are lame.