Fight Fight Fight

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but my guess is that the bald dude tried to use savesies to score that parking spot and the questionably-Hawaiian dude was not too happy about it.

Seriously, don’t fight folks. Let’s settle our differences like everyone else does these days: by posting quasi-anonymous comments to one another on the internet until someone tells us both to shut up.


There Are No Savesies

7 Responses to “Fight Fight Fight”

  1. ? says:

    Isn’t the time the cops show the exact wrong time to turn off the camera?

  2. 415 says:

    Fight it out. General Mad Anthony Wayne hated court marshal, but preferred duals. The person who was found guilt of the court marshal was always more upset after time served. Dual solved the problem instantly.

    Props to both participants; Hawaiian guy for the foot on the car. Props to dork in tie and untucked shirt (hipster uni) for aimless haymaker.

  3. olu says:

    looks like there was a cop when that guy needed one.

  4. Last night, I saw a little guy hit a much bigger guy — both African-Americans, if that makes any difference — with what looked like a golf club, and then scream “WHERE’S MY MONEY?!” over and over, while the big guy mumbled something or other, at the corner of 16th + Hoff. All the good stuff was over before I could get my camera out. The funny part was a multi-squadcar police stop of suspects only a block away.

  5. chalkman says:

    If Baldy had any skillz, he would have gone for the footsweep instead of the high kick where he got knocked on his ass…