CONTEST: Win Tickets to No Age at Noise Pop 2011

Yeah, that was pretty badass when No Age were on Letterman last month. But you know what would be even more badass than that? WINNING free tickets to the No Age show at Rickshaw Stop on February 26th (part of Noise Pop 2011). (Ooooh, and Grass Widow are one of the openers!)

Leave a comment below explaining why you deserve a pair of tickets more than anyone else, and we’ll pick a winner based on merit by Thursday at 5pm.

More info and tickets here.

19 Responses to “CONTEST: Win Tickets to No Age at Noise Pop 2011”

  1. alex newman says:

    Because I’m first.

  2. SCUM says:

    Me, because I am a loyal reader and responder.

  3. Pedro says:

    because i actually listen to all those bands. and sometimes i like your blog, but sometimes i hate it, and this would be a good way to redeem yourself.

  4. Sweet T says:

    Alright, do I go with pity? My girlfriend dumped me for this guy with sleeve tattoos. I know she’ll be at the show. I’ve been meaning to ask this barista girl out. She was rocking out to “Everybody’s Down” the other day. Those tickets would help my low self esteem in the following ways: (a) make me feel like a winner (obviously), (b) help me get a date with the cute barista girl, and (c) ensure my ex sees me with said cute barista girl.

    Or do I go with too cool to care much? You can go ahead and give the tickets to some nitwit who just started listening to No Age like last week. They’re older stuff was better anyway. Plus they’ll probably be playing Pitchfork this year (which I go to every summer). Grass Widow…they’re alright.

    One of those should be a winner, right?

    • anon says:

      nothing you’ve written makes you sound like a winner.

    • Sweet T says:

      Okay, option #3: I am a (single) girl who just moved to the city from somewhere in the Midwest. I don’t really know anyone and my heartland naivete has rendered me emotionally vulnerable like you can’t imagine. Also, I think bloggers are cute (tee hee hee).

  5. thinking says:

    no age sucks

  6. Lindsay says:

    I am a pretty damn big fan. I adore most of Sub Pop’s signed bands, No Age especially. I recently moved to San Francisco and literally never plan on leaving. That being said, I don’t think I’ll go to LA. Who know’s how long they will perform for? I WANT IN!

    I also know a lot of jokes- half of which are funny.

  7. shapiro says:

    I got free tickets to the last show No Age played at Rickshaw stop, so I don’t really deserve any this time. But I’m glad to see Grass Widow and Rank Xerox opening for them, those bands having a really good streak lately.

  8. Hosni Mubarak says:

    I could really use the tickets and a hug :(

  9. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    This is awesome, but I’ve got a badge.

  10. tacotron says:

    I don’t deserve these tickets. I’m going to Best Coast/Wavves the same day. I did see No Age at the New Parish in Oaktown. It was awesome. I’d say go to this show free tickets or not!

  11. gdb says:

    I’ll be older than most of the people there, and I’ll have seen more shows than them too. They’ll never catch up.

  12. Lindsey says:

    I need these tickets because I am a broke college student (duh), love No Age, and need to have more fun in San Francisco. I am still under 21, which severely limits the events and venues I can go to. In fact, I can’t even count the amount of shows that I have been excluded from for my age. I haven’t seen No Age since April 2009, in Iowa, but they have hundreds of plays on my iTunes. If it means anything, my boyfriend and I just broke up and I think it would be really fun to get into a crowd of people and maybe make some new friends. All of my friends at school commute into the city, so finding friends who are residents is my main goal for the next two months. Basically, I love No Age and people and Mission Mission.

  13. Larry Christmas says:

    Looks like No Age is the hot ticket for people that just broke up with somebody. Get some!

  14. Emilie says:

    One time at a clothing swap Lily from Grass Widow gave me a red and blue striped sweater that had previously been her sea-faring friend’s, who had worn it while catching crabs in Maine. I wore it almost everyday for quite awhile. Living vicariously through a sea merchants adventures was cool. Watching a No Age/Grass Widow show amongst a sea of people will be even better.