Badass T-Shirt Commemorates Bay Bridge Earthquake Disaster

What a find!

(What a disaster! Good thing two decades later they’re partway done with a solution.)

[Photo by Pick The Cats Eyes Out] [via Summer Is Rad]

3 Responses to “Badass T-Shirt Commemorates Bay Bridge Earthquake Disaster”

  1. tacotron says:

    almost looks like a good black metal album cover haha

  2. smushmoth says:

    Isn’t that actually Oakland?

  3. bryce says:

    its the oakland side of the bridge, ya
    worse, the bay bridge wasnt the disaster that day; there was only one casualty there that day, someone who really stupidly spedthe wrong way onto the bridge 30 minutes after the earthquake and drove straight into the gap.
    the real tragedy was on the elevated freeway in oakland. colossal destruction, many many victims, and some inspiring stories of rescue and heroism.