Save KUSF by Seeing Some Rock ‘n’ Roll Tonight at the Knockout

All of Them Witches explains why this’ll be a great show:

you have nothing to do on wednesday
you like The Knockout
you dig these bands, because they rock
you probably live in the mission anyway

I’m not sure if all of these are true for all of us, but I know we all need a break from Whiskey Wednesday once in a while, and I know Bare Wires are pretty good, and I know we all love the Knockout.


KUSF Says Treatment ‘Unfair’

Do You Remember Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll Radio [KUSF]?


2 Responses to “Save KUSF by Seeing Some Rock ‘n’ Roll Tonight at the Knockout”

  1. The only chance you have to save KUSF is to bombard the FCC (and the local media) with letters (NOT form letters), so that the FCC feels compelled to step in and veto (or at least delay) the sale. They have the power. Otherwise, it’s a done deal — USF doesn’t give a shit what you think of them.