Why You Should See the Opening Act

I understand the impulse to show up late, just in time for the headliner. Have some cheaper drinks elsewhere, avoid the sweaty masses until the last possible moment.

Problem is, you just might miss out on something great, like Ed Schrader’s Music Beat. They opened for Dan Deacon last night and the night before, and slayed both times.

Dan ruled too, but you knew Dan was gonna rule. Ed Schrader and company were a surprise — and what’s more fun than a surprise? Also, their merch (see below) was better than any of Dan’s stuff by far.

I’m serious, you guys, it’s more fun to discover a new band in person than it is to discover them in the pages of Pitchfork.

4 Responses to “Why You Should See the Opening Act”

  1. tacotron says:

    haha yes! Minks who opened for Dum Dum Girls last week totally rocked…in a mopey but more bad ass cure kinda way

  2. dude says:

    THAT’S IT? Jesus fucking christ it’s easy to impress the kids these days.

  3. Erika Kali says:

    Gas Station Attendant: Best.Song….Ever?