Feds raiding Bryant Street home?

Tipster Todd of Telstar Logistics knows not very much:

A friend just texted to say the Feds are raiding a home on Bryant, between 22nd and 23rd. No more info.

What’s crackin’? Imma go take a look.

UPDATE: I didn’t see nothin’.

2 Responses to “Feds raiding Bryant Street home?”

  1. not required says:

    I don’t understand what this post is trying to say. How is it that “Tipster Todd of Telstar Logistics knows not very much”?

    Did he give you a tip that didn’t pan out?

  2. Noneof Yourbizness says:

    I’m telstar’s source and I’m telling you something was going down. In the house next to the schoolyard, there were several unmarked cars and a bunch of folks in Fed jackets of some sort. I circled around the block twice to confirm. And I just went by again and it looks like there may be a few still lingering. Don’t doubt the Telstar. It knows.

    P.s. New site is purdy.