Pacifica: The New Mission?

[Pic by Camden Swita]

According to a Pacifica news source I just learned about, the Pacifica Patch, there’s a better spot for “Mission District burritos” than The Mission (Rob Schneider probably reads that, he grew up in Pacifica!). Well, maybe not better, but just as good, and closer, if you live in Pacifica (like author ZZ Packer!). Camden Swita claims that Guerreros Taqueria “offers everything taste-wise as Taqueria Cancún and more” (Adolescents lead singer, Tony Cadena, probably agrees, he’s also from there!).

Anyway, I don’t mean to spark a debate, there’s no reason a taqueria 12 miles away from this neighborhood couldn’t have burritos that are just as good (former first baseman Keith Hernandez would know, he grew up there too!). Personally, I think it’s hard to find many bad burritos around here and I leave it at that (Carlos Santana probably wouldn’t, he grew up in The Mission!).

18 Responses to “Pacifica: The New Mission?”

  1. Meesha says:

    Pacifica is the asshole of the Peninsula.

    • Punky says:

      Obviously you haven’t been to the Pacifica I live in. Maybe YOU are the asshole of the Peninsula, and you’re projecting.

    • todopoderoso says:

      Lol. Typically i’d say Daly City is the asshole of the peninsula, but having lived in Pacifica for 3 years now, i agree and continue the ANALogy:

      Pacifica = Bleached Asshole

      Daly City = Musty Taint

      San Francisco = Hairy Vagina

  2. GG says:

    When I lived in Concord there was a strip mall burrito place at Treat and Oak Grove that was honestly as delicious as any Mission burrito place, but why drive out of town when we’ve got a jillion choices right here?

  3. cliff notes says:

    the mission has good burritos?? maybe for the palette of east coasters, and mid-westerners.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Not “good”, rather, The best.

      So many lameass socalians come up here with their coke-ruined palates and try to tell us how to make Burritos. Bitches, PLEASE. They’re called motherfuckin’ MISSION BURRITOS for a reason.

      Gold Standard.

      • tacotron says:

        In 1961, Febronio Ontiveros began offering the first retail burrito in San Francisco at El Faro (The Lighthouse), a corner grocery store on Folsom Street. Ontiveros is credited with inventing the “super burrito” style leading to the early development of the “San Francisco style”. This innovation involved adding rice, sour cream and guacamole to the standard meat, bean and cheese burrito.

        this is from wikipeeds

      • cliff notes says:

        By gold standard do you mean runny tasteless sour cream.. mounds of unseasoned rice.. over cooked greasy meat or veggies all wrapped in a factory made days old tortilla..

        if thats what you mean. well; mission you got the gold standard! Way to go!

        • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

          Nope, I mean damnfine cream, mounds of delicious rice, of cooked greasy meat and veggies all wrapped in a lovely tortilla.

          Everything a burrito should be… it is.

  4. tacotron says:

    I used to live in Pacifica,and if I remember correctly this place doesn’t even have al pastor.

  5. El Pito says:

    @Meesha – +1

  6. Sean Riley says:

    I live right up the street from this Taqueria and I can say with certainty that is not worth visiting. I love Mexican food and I used to live in the Mission (as well as other areas of SF) and this is a sub-par Taqueria. I still eat there, as it is 2 minutes from my house and the only Taqueria for miles, but it is only out of necessity. If you happen to be in Pacifica , the Taqueria in the Linda Mar shopping center is much better.