Friday Night Lights

Looks like there was the funeral of a gang member at the Serra Mortuary on Valencia & 26th on Friday night. (There were so many cops I initially thought it was a police funeral.)

And I can confirm the increased sightings of SFPD dirtbikes all over the place — I must have seen half a dozen while driving along Potrero this afternoon.

4 Responses to “Friday Night Lights”

  1. bodah says:

    yeah, because people are getting killed in the mission.

  2. DR says:

    I spotted these near Mission Minis a couple weeks ago. All in all, the dirtbikes make them much more approachable as public servants, and make sense in the Mission.

  3. Travis says:

    I hadn’t seen SFPD dirtbikes on this scale since critical mass three years ago. It seems like they stopped using them in favor of the giant tank-o-cycles. I also never see any police bicycles around mass anymore.

    Maybe they re-found the cache of forgotten dirtbikes in a neglected police shed.