Behold, the 538 Burrito Bump

As you most likely know, earlier this week Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight proclaimed the Mission’s La Taqueria to be the makers of the best burrito in the country (and world?). Here is the line today.

[photo by Gene Goldstein-Plesser]

Brooklyn taqueria promises to teleport you to 24th and Mission

While NYC may have us beat when it comes to pizza and bagels, there’s still no denying how difficult it is to get a truly decent burrito on the East coast.  Even if you manage to find a supposedly reputable spot, chances are you’ll walk away with a flimsy imitation wrapped up by some skinny-armed hipster (or even worse, THIS crime against humanity).  It seems like every year there’s a new taqueria claiming to offer that exclusive Mission burrito experience no matter how disappointing previous attempts have been, and B’klyn Burro is the latest to give it a shot:

Like Tony Bennett, I left my heart and my appetite in San Francisco’s Mission District.  But now San Francisco Mission burritos are coming to Brooklyn with a taquero (burrito/taco chef) from one of the most respected taquerias in the game. Bite into one of our amazing burritos and you’ll be teleported to 24th and Mission, San Francisco. Food this good needs to be on both coasts.  Well guess what, IT IS!

From the looks of things, this place will only be popping up at select locations this week rather than going the brick & mortar route, so any New Yorkers curious to test its authenticity better hurry up.  I expect a fully-detailed report!

Pacifica: The New Mission?

[Pic by Camden Swita]

According to a Pacifica news source I just learned about, the Pacifica Patch, there’s a better spot for “Mission District burritos” than The Mission (Rob Schneider probably reads that, he grew up in Pacifica!). Well, maybe not better, but just as good, and closer, if you live in Pacifica (like author ZZ Packer!). Camden Swita claims that Guerreros Taqueria “offers everything taste-wise as Taqueria Cancún and more” (Adolescents lead singer, Tony Cadena, probably agrees, he’s also from there!).

Anyway, I don’t mean to spark a debate, there’s no reason a taqueria 12 miles away from this neighborhood couldn’t have burritos that are just as good (former first baseman Keith Hernandez would know, he grew up there too!). Personally, I think it’s hard to find many bad burritos around here and I leave it at that (Carlos Santana probably wouldn’t, he grew up in The Mission!).

The Best Burrito in San Francisco

Wow, lots of breaking burrito news lately!  Let’s review, shall we?

First up, the 2010 Mission Burrito Book named its controversial choice for #1 burrito in San Francisco.  I won’t ruin the suspense by spoiling the winning taqueria here, but I will say that it’s not Lady Gaga fave El Farolito, Papalote, Cancun, or El Metate.  Who could it be then?  Check it out for yourself!

Speaking of Papalote, Aggressive Panhandler is reporting that the Bobby Flay-slaying taqueria will now be selling their more-addictive-than-crack secret salsa in jars for people around the world to purchase online.  No longer will you have to remember to order (and pay for!) an extra container when you get your burritos to go!  How much would you pay for this 60-gallon vat of Papalote salsa?

Mission Burritos for Rhodes Scholars

As the legend of the Mission Burrito is retold around the world, it stands to reason that crafty international entrepeneurs will begin recognize its potential as an All-World meal talent fit for any palate.  Such is the case in Oxford, UK, where ravenous chaps can now satisfy their hunger at THE MISSION Mexican Grill

Checking their website, it appears that they’ve got the right idea with offerings of carnitas, adobo asada, and a grilled veggie burrito that sounds suspiciously Papalotian.  Nonetheless, I’m not sure if you can ever really trust the British when it comes to food, especially if their idea of a cheesesteak is any indication.

Of course, you can’t question their enthusiasm, as evidenced by the crazed expression on their chief taco chef’s face in addition to some choice quotes from their website:

Our expert burrito makers will entertain while they serve – it’s quite an art, so our staff are trained to be the best of the best.

Try our extra hot salsa, if you dare!   Made with Dorset Naga’s, the world’s hottest chillies – our chef has to wear a mask when making it!

As for price, it seems as though all the burritos are in the 5-pound range (woah, that just gave me a crazy idea–stay tuned!), which comes out to around $8 US–sure, pricier than El Farolito and Cancun, but less expensive than Papalote.  Not so bad for a land where a sandwich can easily set you back fifteen bucks!

[Photos and Scoop by MM reader Keith--thanks again!]


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Guten Tag! Mission Burritos in Berlin!

Another Mission Review of Dolores Burritos in Berlin

Australian Mission Burritos Revealed!

Another Mission Review of Dolores Burritos in Berlin

Our friend Lisa has had the pleasure of living in Berlin for the past few months and finally made it over to that Dolores Burrito place that purports to serve real “Mission-style” burritos stuffed with all the same excellence that you would find at El Farolito or Cancun.  Her verdict?  Mixed, of course:

They cost about the same amount that you’d pay at a taqueria on 24th St. And they’re also comparable in monstrosity.

Menos puntos: they’re very very stingy about the chips!! Which I was very disappointed about. A side order of tortilla chips was 3 euros (= $3.68). Which is a heck of a lot more expensive than their usual price of…free.

Die Amerikanerin has the scoop!


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Mission Burritos Hit Canada

While up in Vancouver, BC this past weekend to play a show with some rad Canadian punk bands, we came across TACO DEL MAR, alleged purveyors of the elusive Mission-style burrito.  Unfortunately, we were unable to sample said Mission-style burrito due to the fact that the “taqueria” closes at 11pm on a Saturday!

If they can’t even get authentic operational hours right, I shudder to imagine what sort of blasphemy they might be trying to pass off as a burrito.  The fact that their mascot appears to be a chili pepper with a dirty sanchez wearing a sombrero does little to comfort me either.


Australian Mission Burritos Revealed!

Guten Tag! Mission Burritos in Berlin!

 The Best Way to Transport a Mission Burrito to Somewhere as Far Away as Berlin

Bobby Flay Can Eat A Big Fat Burrito

The New York Times Saves Money in the Mission


I love a soyrizo burrito as much as the next person, but where's the love for Cancun?

After the New York Times travel section spent a weekend in the Mission last fall, today they decided to come back to the neighborhood for their “Save or Splurge” section.  Naturally we are the neighbor to “save” money in and the rich-folk are advised to steer clear and head to North Beach.

In a daring move, the NYT decided get involved in “the great burrito debate.”  Sure to incite controversy, they named El Farolito, El Metate and Papalote the three spots to get a “great burrito.”  Also, the word is now out on Little Baobab and their awesome hibiscus margaritas.

Chopped, Screwed Mariah Carey Video Features El Farolito Chile Relleno Burrito

My favorite new vlog is called Imsoooconfused. A few minutes ago, Imsoooconfused published a homemade video for a chopped and screwed version of Mariah Carey‘s new hit “Touch My Body”, in which an El Farolito burrito is prominently featured.