Behold, the 538 Burrito Bump

As you most likely know, earlier this week Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight proclaimed the Mission’s La Taqueria to be the makers of the best burrito in the country (and world?). Here is the line today.

[photo by Gene Goldstein-Plesser]

The Burrito Whisperer

We’ve been hipped to a new blog making the rounds featuring an exhaustive collection of burritos from around Mission (and elsewhere), each standing vertically with the firm posture befitting its pedigree as a MISSION BURRITO.

From the looks of it, this guy has eaten a lot of burritos.  Now, I’m no slouch myself (as Vic can attest having witnessed me eating three super burritos in a single day), but the thought of taking this dude on in a burritopacolypse death match makes me just a little queasy.

All hail the Burrito Whisperer (although he didn’t seem to get the memo about how the dudes at Jarritos are a bunch of jerks).

[Photo by The Byrd]


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