Bobby Flay Can Eat A Big Fat Burrito

Hey, fuck you Bobby Flay. I thought it was jacked up how you jumped up on your cutting board and “raised the roof” after the iron chef competition against Morimoto. Then after you lost, you did it again in Japan on his home turf during the rematch! That time, you knew that knives and cutting boards are sacred to the Japanese. Way to shit on an entire culture, troll.

Flay has been known to strangle Target models while making bro-ey O-faces (dramatization)

Did you know this guy doesn’t even have a high school education? Seriously, he dropped out of HS when he was 17! And get this, he’s being sued by former employees for some shitty labor practices like unfair tip pooling, failure to pay overtime, and refusing to pay legitimate employee incurred expenses! Pretty uncool if you ask me.

This is why you should root for Miguel Escobido from Papalote (24th and Valencia) when he squares off in a burrito battle against Flay on Wednesday’s Throwdown With Bobby Flay. That, and no one makes a better burrito than the Mission (okay, maybe Mexico).

The throwdown airs at 10pm Wednesday 2/17. Set your VCRs. More details here.

33 Responses to “Bobby Flay Can Eat A Big Fat Burrito”

  1. Babby Flay is a vile human being.

    Also, LA makes a great burrito, too.

  2. Drooooppps says:

    most of mexico have no idea what a stinkin’ burrito is. damn whities and their sour cream.

  3. jr says:

    southern california ‘mexican food’ > bay area ‘mexican food’

    • misshum says:

      Sure, if your idea of Mexican food involves french fries.

      The SF Mission burrito is the savory zenith of Americanized Mexican food. Papalote is decidedly not its fittest representative, but let’s look back a second at the results of the last time some New Joker tried to emulate it: Chipotle Mexican Grill.

      SF Mission = burrito heaven. San Diego can only pretend to know different, and LA doesn’t even try. Just try to count the joints on burritophile and compare rankings. SoCal’s fine and everything, I’m no chauvinist, but the Mexican food in the Bay is simply incredible by comparison.

  4. jack says:

    there are no burritos in mexico

  5. mcas says:

    “Set your VCRs.” …dammit. If only I hadn’t sold my VCR for a Laserdisc player…! Drats!

  6. anthony says:

    “That, and no one makes a better burrito than the Mission”.


  7. Brian says:

    Papalote makes a garbage burrito. It’s a perfect match for a guy from New York.

  8. Adam says:

    Papalote sucks ass, I was there a while ago and ordered two tacos, and they wouldn’t let me have one steak and one chicken. They forced me to buy TWO of the same kind of tacos.

    And then they put a ton of crappy tomatoes and lettuce on it. Total crap, screw that place.

    • Victor says:

      Hey Adam,

      I’m one of the owners of Papalote. Hi. The thing about our concept of grilled-to-order meat is that when you walk into the shop none of the grilling meats are cooked. Our 4 oz cut of chicken or beef that we grill in front of you yields a burrito, or a quesadilla or two tacos. It’s that simple. If we were a scoop’em up shop (and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with scoop’em up shops) then the portions wouldn’t be an issue. Thanks.


  9. Bobby says:

    I don’t know who makes the best burrito, but it certainly isn’t being crafted in Mexico. I’m from northern Mexico and I do not recall seeing a single burrito growing up. It seems to be yet another anglo projection of Mexican food culture.

  10. h says:

    For the record, on the second Iron Chef battle, Flay removed the cutting board from the counter before stepping up onto it.

    But yeah, I still don’t dig him.

  11. deex says:

    Look at all the angry rich hamsters!

  12. Jackalope says:

    I’m not sure what everyone’s point is in hollering that there are no burritos in Mexico. Who cares where they originated? They’re tasty!

  13. PaddyW says:

    Vic Wong is as much an asshole as Bobby Flay.

  14. sex fart says:

    wikipedia says burritos originated in mexico and can be found in certain parts

  15. i’ve had a burrito in mexico. it might have been at a taco bell, but it was IN mexico. mmm.

  16. thenisaid says:

    When I think burrito, Papalote does not come to mind. Sorry. Good luck dude.

  17. Dan Partridge says:

    Okay, burritos are originally from Colorado, and Papalote’s food is absolute garbage. Probably the worst burrito in the Mission. So, root for shit, either way.

    For seriously? Papalote? Oh, lord.

    • M.A.C. says:

      that is fucking ridiculous. you may not personally like it much, but it very far from the worst burrito in the Mission. What a laughable knee-jerk reaction.

  18. Sheabones says:

    Flying Burritos only please, dudes.

  19. Vic Wong says:

    Listen to yourselves! If loving mission burritos is wrong, I don’t want to be right. We must put aside our differences and unite against a common foe.

    Papalote does some things well and some things not so well. Maybe they aren’t the best burrito around (or even a 2 block radius), but damn it, I’d way rather see them win this than some jerky chef from NY. If we can’t get behind this, we might as well just let Chevy’s open up their mission location.

    Folks like you guys are probably why the Mission Reds left town. =(

  20. melissa says:

    I agree that he’s a douchebag, but what does not having finished high school have to do with anything?

    • mango says:

      I’ve never even heard of bobby flay, but so what if he never finished high school. what could he have learned in that final year anyway? how to go to prom? YOU apparently did go to high school and yet you waste your time watching a lame cooking show? At least he’s getting paid! Seems he learned more out of school than you did in.

  21. xen says:

    Seriously? The iron chef thing was 10+ years ago…get over it. Morimoto has. Way to slam the guy that’s going to bring in more business at that place.

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  23. SergDun says:

    who the fuck puts white beans and rice in a fucking burrito, what a fucking herb

  24. Mongo says:

    Fuck you. What does it matter whether the guy graduated high school? The list of successful game changers who never graduated high school is pretty long. And if everybody just followed recipes for traditional food you wouldn’t have burritos, Asian fusion or many other innovative foods. However, if he really is ripping off his employees that’s not cool.

    Grow up.

    • Vic Wong says:

      My post was intentionally full of biased, irreverent trash talking which is in the spirit of trash talking. I guess I did a bad job so many people missed the point and rushed to his defense. Anyway, I really do apologize if you found it offensive. It wasn’t my intention; I was just trying to stir up some home-town pride.

      Of course it doesn’t matter in this context that Bobby Flay dropped out of school, that he jumped on a cutting board, or that he might be sketchy with his employees. It’s obvious that he’s a damn fine chef and he’s accomplished a lot.

      It’s also completely untrue that he strangles Target models, but no one seemed to take issue with that.

      BTW, in case anyone actually cares about the result, Miguel Escobido WON!

      • Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

        Maybe it’s time for you to re-evaluate your talent as a writer of ironic provocateurism, no?

  25. misshum says:

    I drove past Papalote last night at around 8:00. Packed liked a sardine can, worse than PV on the weekends.

  26. Juan the Man says:

    All of you guys are idiots- no, rather imbeciles. Bobby Flay is a god when it comes to cooking, grilling or anything that has to do with putting food in your slimy little stomachs. Get off the “never graduated from H.S.” B.S. because he’s making more money than all of us and laughing all the way to the bank! He’s wonderful!

  27. Jack Acid says:

    Hi troll!

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