Bobby Flay vs. Papalote Episode Up On Hulu

Forget baseball, this is the face-off we really care about.

Miguel and Victor Escobedo of Papalote went head-to-head with Bobby Flay on his show, Throwdown, back in February. Papalote’s award winning “Triple Threat” burrito was put up against Bobby’s “Green Burrito” (demonstrating Flay’s expert knowledge of how to appeal to San Franciscans).

If you’ve been keeping up with this sort of thing you already know who won, but we wont spoil it for you. The whole episode is on Hulu now. They both stay pretty gracious throughout, but things almost get out of hand when the Escobedo bros lead a “GRINGO” chant against their competitor. See if you can stomach the cheesy stock music and 3-second cuts long enough to see who came out the winner.

Here’s the link.

Thanks to Sally Kuchar from Curbed SF.

Bobby Flay Can Eat A Big Fat Burrito

Hey, fuck you Bobby Flay. I thought it was jacked up how you jumped up on your cutting board and “raised the roof” after the iron chef competition against Morimoto. Then after you lost, you did it again in Japan on his home turf during the rematch! That time, you knew that knives and cutting boards are sacred to the Japanese. Way to shit on an entire culture, troll.

Flay has been known to strangle Target models while making bro-ey O-faces (dramatization)

Did you know this guy doesn’t even have a high school education? Seriously, he dropped out of HS when he was 17! And get this, he’s being sued by former employees for some shitty labor practices like unfair tip pooling, failure to pay overtime, and refusing to pay legitimate employee incurred expenses! Pretty uncool if you ask me.

This is why you should root for Miguel Escobido from Papalote (24th and Valencia) when he squares off in a burrito battle against Flay on Wednesday’s Throwdown With Bobby Flay. That, and no one makes a better burrito than the Mission (okay, maybe Mexico).

The throwdown airs at 10pm Wednesday 2/17. Set your VCRs. More details here.