Los Jarritos Restaurant Sued by Beverage Company; Forced to Change Name

Everybody, meet SanJalisco, formerly known as Los Jarritos.  MM reader Mark P. stopped by this weekend and noticed something was amiss:

Just stopped by Los Jarritos at 20th and South Van Ness, a great family restaurant that’s been at that corner at least 20 years. Sign on the door says they’re changing their name. I asked why. They said they’d been sued by the Jarritos soft drink company.

Indeed, despite the fact that owner Dolores Reyes opened the place back in 1988, around the same time that multi-national Novamex started importing their drinks to the US, and that jarritos themselves are actually small earthen clay pots popular in Reyes’ home state Jalisco; the beverage maker nonetheless remained undeterred to ensure sole possession of the name even after losing an earlier court decision in 2007

Reyes, lacking the considerable legal budget enjoyed by Novamex, couldn’t afford to keep up the battle in court, much less the $50,000 that the corporation wanted in order for the small restaurant to keep its moniker, and eventually decided to relent and change the name.  In all, it appears that almost 30 similar restaurants around the country with some version of Jarritos in their name were targeted.

You’d be doing yourself a favor by going to stop by and show your support thanks to the delicious menu featuring breakfast chilaquiles and other fabulous platano creations.  Pair that with their refreshing michelada for a fantastic hungover Sunday brunch that gives Boogaloos a run for its money.  Just don’t expect them to be selling Jarritos sodas anymore, though.

Great article on this over at the SFBG

[Outdoor Photo by Michael N via Yelp]

[Food Photo by vegansaurus!]

11 Responses to “Los Jarritos Restaurant Sued by Beverage Company; Forced to Change Name”

  1. Andy says:

    That’s kind of silly. I wonder how many Jarritos restaurants there are in the country? I know there’s one on Broadway in Sacramento I used to eat at all the time. Are they gonna get sued too?

  2. emamd says:

    their chilaquiles are awesome, and the seafood cocktails are pretty good too.

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  4. M.A.C. says:

    their chicharrones con huevo are fantastic

  5. suckerpunch says:

    Welcome to 2010. Not saying its right or wrong, but that IS the way it is.

  6. Doug says:

    No, It’s ALL about greed.


    Look at how many multinational corporations Jarritos soda is building alliances with. These folk don’t spread the wealth, and why do working folk want to come to the U. S. seeking a better life!

  7. Mike says:

    I used to be a lawyer and this is why I sometimes can’t stand lawyers. They couldn’t find someone to take this for free? Who cares if you lose? Just do it pro bono so they could at least put up a fight. I bet it wouldn’t be hard to convince a San Francisco jury to rule in Jarritoss’s's favor. Oh well, food there is great, go there and spend some money.

  8. Jay says:


    The Reyes’ have a great lawyer who has helped them throughout the five year ordeal. But just think of it this way: you fight, you win, then you have to fight again, but lose. 5 years and money later, I’m sure the Reyes’ didn’t want to lose again, then be forced to spend money to re-do all their art, menus, etc…

    I’d also be pretty suspect of someone willing to do something for free/non-gratis. And how high of a priority would the case be if it’s free?

  9. WOW! 20 years and now they have to change their name? Couldnt they counter sue? Isnt there some law that allows similar brands after sum odd years? Its not like they are stealing their product?

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  11. Grego says:

    Not that I bought so many in the first place, but you won’t catch me buying *any* Jarritos sodas anymore. Way to go, overreaching lawyers! You’ve turned off another customer.

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