The Best Burrito in San Francisco

Wow, lots of breaking burrito news lately!  Let’s review, shall we?

First up, the 2010 Mission Burrito Book named its controversial choice for #1 burrito in San Francisco.  I won’t ruin the suspense by spoiling the winning taqueria here, but I will say that it’s not Lady Gaga fave El Farolito, Papalote, Cancun, or El Metate.  Who could it be then?  Check it out for yourself!

Speaking of Papalote, Aggressive Panhandler is reporting that the Bobby Flay-slaying taqueria will now be selling their more-addictive-than-crack secret salsa in jars for people around the world to purchase online.  No longer will you have to remember to order (and pay for!) an extra container when you get your burritos to go!  How much would you pay for this 60-gallon vat of Papalote salsa?