NYC ‘burrito’

That just ain’t right.

[via cellybrain]

38 Responses to “NYC ‘burrito’”

  1. batman says:


  2. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:


  3. rereretarded hungry says:

    can i haz dat

  4. Katy says:

    Wince! And I’m the defend-my-hometown-at-any-cost type of New Yorker… but for some things there are no excuses.

  5. BRIAN says:

    Only THREE chips??!?!

  6. MrEricSir says:

    I think that burrito has a tumor.

  7. Danny White says:

    That looks awesome! Where can we get one?

  8. That’s what you get when a burrito and a pupusa mate.

  9. Bernalwood says:

    It must be said: I can imagine a similar blog post in NYC about our pizza.

    “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!? That’s not a pizza… that’s a PUFF PASTRY!”

    • ciao says:

      i have made the mistake of eating a burrito in NYC.

      SF’s worst pizza >>> NYC’s best burrito

  10. sheabones says:

    That “burrito” better have some Katz’s pastrami inside of it….

  11. SCUM says:

    Probably made by white people.

  12. tk says:

    I hope somebody trademarks “squareito.”

  13. Janet C says:

    WTF indeed.

  14. someJuan says:

    It looks like it also spent time in a panini press.

  15. Amy K. says:

    I’m with Katy on this one.

    Didja get it at a pizza joint? It looks more like a calzone/stromboli.

  16. It looks more like a ‘Mexican calzone’.. Or a burrito in a breadbowl, maybe..?

  17. natasha says:

    the salsa looks so dreary.

  18. oh says:

    that is gross, but there is some good mexican in NYC now, but it’s definitely not in manhattan where this “thing” was conceived. also in nyc you have to pay for your chips so the fact there are 3 given for free here is a bonus… i guess…

  19. Tanya says:

    San Jose taqueria on Mission also charges for chips. Are they from New York?

  20. Eva Brindle says:

    Sponge Bob, day after Chernobyl.

  21. Ian Marks says:

    For shame NY… for shame!

  22. Ryan says:

    you’re aware that there are almost twice as many mexicans in brooklyn alone as there are in SF…? unless you’re arguing some sort of ‘proximity to avocados’ type shit, the posulate’s kinda lost on me.

  23. merw says:

    i literally jerked back in my chair in full “what the fuck” formation when i saw this.

  24. Eric says:

    And you don’t go to SF for a good burrito any more than you go to San Diego for Sourdough.

    • scum says:

      San Diego called, it wants you back.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      San Diego burritos are lame. SF reigns supreme on the Burrito front. This is known.

      • Topian says:

        You’re wrong. This is not subjective.

        • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

          Incorrect, sir and/or madam.

          • SKANDAL says:

            San Diego has rad burritos – this comes from me, from Norcal, 30 years in SF and I am not some rah-rah “Frisco Rules Burritos” dude who’s lived here MAYBE 10 years. SF Burritos have gone way down in size, way up in price (with a couple of exceptions I will not post here – duh). OK? The truth hurts – get over it Dr Douchebag.

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

            Also incorrect, I’m afraid. Sorry, dude, I don’t make the rules. I’m just explaining the cold hard objective fact of the matter.

            San Francisco’s burritos reign supreme.

          • SKANDAL says:

            The problem is that you said “SD burritos are lame”. That was your fatal error. Your next order of business is to ask yourself why you are micromanaging your public-facing user facade on this blog to such a great extent.

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

            Really not a problem. Burritos with French Fries inside them are an abomination.

          • SKANDAL says:

            OK. I agree w/ FF issue. Can I have the last word?

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:


  25. SKANDAL says:

    OK – here it is: