Mission Burritos for Rhodes Scholars

As the legend of the Mission Burrito is retold around the world, it stands to reason that crafty international entrepeneurs will begin recognize its potential as an All-World meal talent fit for any palate.  Such is the case in Oxford, UK, where ravenous chaps can now satisfy their hunger at THE MISSION Mexican Grill

Checking their website, it appears that they’ve got the right idea with offerings of carnitas, adobo asada, and a grilled veggie burrito that sounds suspiciously Papalotian.  Nonetheless, I’m not sure if you can ever really trust the British when it comes to food, especially if their idea of a cheesesteak is any indication.

Of course, you can’t question their enthusiasm, as evidenced by the crazed expression on their chief taco chef’s face in addition to some choice quotes from their website:

Our expert burrito makers will entertain while they serve – it’s quite an art, so our staff are trained to be the best of the best.

Try our extra hot salsa, if you dare!   Made with Dorset Naga’s, the world’s hottest chillies – our chef has to wear a mask when making it!

As for price, it seems as though all the burritos are in the 5-pound range (woah, that just gave me a crazy idea–stay tuned!), which comes out to around $8 US–sure, pricier than El Farolito and Cancun, but less expensive than Papalote.  Not so bad for a land where a sandwich can easily set you back fifteen bucks!

[Photos and Scoop by MM reader Keith--thanks again!]


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