Mission Burritos Hit Canada

While up in Vancouver, BC this past weekend to play a show with some rad Canadian punk bands, we came across TACO DEL MAR, alleged purveyors of the elusive Mission-style burrito.  Unfortunately, we were unable to sample said Mission-style burrito due to the fact that the “taqueria” closes at 11pm on a Saturday!

If they can’t even get authentic operational hours right, I shudder to imagine what sort of blasphemy they might be trying to pass off as a burrito.  The fact that their mascot appears to be a chili pepper with a dirty sanchez wearing a sombrero does little to comfort me either.


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9 Responses to “Mission Burritos Hit Canada”

  1. plumpy says:

    You know if you want to taste Taco del Mar, you can head down to 2nd & Natoma, or one of their other eight billion international locations, right?

  2. Rod says:

    Taco Del Mar is to the Mission burrito what Domino’s is to New York Pizza. i suppose something is better than nothing . . .

  3. johnny0 says:

    Four easy steps on how to get the best burritos in downtown Vancouver:

    1) Take Canada Line from Waterfront to YVR
    2) Board AC562 (YVR-SFO)
    3) BART to 24th St.
    4) Go upstairs to El Farolito

    Vancouver does many foods very well. Sadly, Mexican is not one of them.

  4. Cranke Ole Ya Ya! says:

    Viva La Cañada Flintridge, California, a-ha-ha-ha-ha!

  5. db says:

    It’s been there for years (it was there when I left 3+ years ago), and it is about as good as you’d expect. Vancouver simply doesn’t know shit about burritos. Case in point: most people there think “Budgies Burritos” is awesome. Vegetarian burritos made with refried beans out of a can in an electric frying pan.


    To back me up, one Californian gives this mildly dissenting review: “If I were back home I wouldn’t touch this place.”

  6. Ray Greenwell says:

    I work right near the Taco Del Mar on 2nd street but won’t ever go in.

    Here’s why: I lived in Seattle for four years and Taco Del Mars were everywhere. I used to get the fish burrito sometimes. The next day I’d be sitting there, minding my own business when suddenly I had to dash to a bathroom, and proceed to have a white-knuckle shit that would clean out that burrito and everything ahead of it in the queue.

    I didn’t go to TDM that often so it took me a while, but I finally figured out the connection. Fish burrito from TDM == 10-15 minutes of painful, sweaty-foreheaded expulsion the next day.

    Maybe a good idea if you’re trying to lose weight or something, but now that I’m back in Cali I don’t have to stoop that low for my mexi fix.

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