Street Fighter II tournament coming soon to Mission laundromat

Seriously. Somebody set this up. Now you guys can quit playing at my place all time.

Just look out for Erika. She’s ”Asian kid at the laundromat good” apparently.

Also, look out for Charlie Sheen too.

[Photo by Jean Hackman]

3 Responses to “Street Fighter II tournament coming soon to Mission laundromat”

  1. aw says:

    what’s awesome is this SF II machine is hacked and all of the characters can do ridiculous moves that they were never intended to do! what’s less awesome is that this laundromat is sketchy and smells like piss.

  2. MC says:

    IN. Last time I played on this machine, I deeee-stroyed my friend who had talked so much smack for hours.

    But here’s the question — in a SF2 tourney, is rotating characters required, or can you just stay as Guile all night…?

  3. It’s all about The Simpsons game!