Flight to San Diego faster than Muni ride from Lower Haight to Downtown

SFist‘s Comment of the Day today is a peach:

The other week my husband left on a flight to San Diego at the same time I boarded Muni at Duboce Park to go downtown to work. He arrived in San Diego before I arrived at Montgomery Station.

Read on for further Muni woes.

[Photo by David Lytle]

10 Responses to “Flight to San Diego faster than Muni ride from Lower Haight to Downtown”

  1. tacotron says:

    A few weeks ago I was in the mission and walked from valencia to potrero to catch the 9 to go home, and the bus stop at 24th said a bus will be there in 11 min. I decided “Oh, I’ll keep walking to the bus catches up to me” I walked from there to my house near San Bruno& Felton….without seeing a 9 in the horizon. I’ve also caught up to then 9 walking somewhat casually and got on the bus on San Bruno ave…haha I do walk faster than average, but I aint the goddamned flash! One problem is that bus stops are too frequent, I’d rather walk a block or two than deal with a stop on every block going down potrero haha

    • wcw says:

      The other day we missed the 19 at Mission & 8th by a minute (it was six minutes early). The next 19 was not to arrive for 45 minutes. So, carrying a 37-pound toddler on my shoulders I walked the two miles home — with a stop for groceries at the Moldy Foods en route — without ever seeing the 19.

      The Muni is going to drive me to drive. That’s just sad.

  2. Derailed says:

    Absolutely amazing that now MUNI drivers are suing
    to invalidate parts of Measure B ( the fix MUNI measure) that
    65% of San Franciscan’s voted for. The audacity. Service level
    And customer service is non existent to absolutely horrendous.

  3. George says:

    Get a bike. Problem solved.

    • wcw says:

      That doesn’t help much when you commute with a three-year-old to the top of Potrero Hill.

      • MeSays says:

        Indeed. Two kids and groceries does not work on a bike.

        I waited 45 minutes for a 67 the other morning to get to 24th St. Bart. It was so full when it finally arrived, I couldn’t stand it anymore and hopped off at Folsom and 24th and walked to Bart. The bus and I got there at the same time, but I got fresh air and no one was touching my ass.

        I could probably walk downtown from Bernal Heights faster than taking muni.

  4. Tom says:

    Muni was better when Mr. Burns was in charge. The day Mr. Ford took over, service worsened noticeably. The snitch system for calling-in graffiti-in-progress on a bus didn’t work, but Muni never tested it. For several months Muni played recorded messages on buses to phone a certain # and text the bus # to report a graffiti artist, but the system didn’t work: no one received the text messages. TMI = Typical.Muni.Incompetence

  5. Katie Conry says:

    That photo is PERFECT.

  6. Tiny Tim says:

    Last year I outwalked an inbound 71 Haight bus from Laguna/Haight stop to about Market at 10th St. when it finally outdistanced me.
    Many times I have walked down Van Ness from about
    Clay to Market St. with no bus passing me (there are 2 lines on V.N.)

  7. mrsa says:

    bart has a shit ton of bacteria!