Irish Car Bomb cupcake probably the best holiday-themed cupcake there is

Yessir, this is one excellent and festive idea. Brown Eyed Baker has the recipe here.

If I saw one of these on the ground late at night, I would definitely, definitely consider it.

(Thanks, Tiffany!)

13 Responses to “Irish Car Bomb cupcake probably the best holiday-themed cupcake there is”

  1. Tiffany says:

    To be fair, I got the idea from here:
    Which links to this post:

    You can find ‘em at SusieCakes if you don’t want to bake your own.

  2. Corpus Nerd says:

    That holiday themed cupcake will make my mouth more “yum-themed,” if eat it.

  3. el jeffe says:

    It’s strange that we live in a country where we don’t think we have anything better to do than to come up with not-that-clever and somewhat-offensive names for frigging cupcakes.

  4. tacotron says:

    we could invent a drink called “twin towers” that features two long glasses(Idk what they’re called but the long cylindrical ones that you usually get a mojito or something in)with an abundance of everclear or bacardi 151.Then light those bitches on fire and slam ‘em! we could even garnish them with paper airplanes! hows that for tastelessness? haha

  5. AttF says:

    In my early 20s, I innocently/ignorantly ordered an Irish Car Bomb from an Irish bartender in an Irish bar. Thankfully, the guy was kind enough to explain to me why he should kick my ass instead of actually doing it. I tend to shy away from reactionary attitudes based on semantics, but admit to this being a pretty stupid name for a beverage.

    • tacotron says:

      yeah, it also makes you throw up alot heavy cream liqour+heavy beer+drinking fast= vomitsssss
      This makes me wonder now, who the hell invented the irish car bomb?

  6. tacotron says:

    Originally the “grandfather” then “the IRA” then “Irish Car Bomb” as a reference to the curdling that that looks like an explosion when you mix it.

    It appears that Guiness marketed the beverage which made it massively popular, as well as guiness. So there ya go

  7. Tiffany says:

    Guess that’s why the bakery in the original Eater link calls it the “Guinness Stout Chocolate Cupcake – with Bailey’s Buttercream Frosting”