It’s a lot like Words With Friends but it takes place in real life

I’m not talking about Scrabble — we all know Scrabble in real life is boooooring. (Sorry, Ladies Who Scrabble Club.)

It’s Bananagrams! Fast paced! You play in groups, so peer pressure keeps people from playing irritating bullshit like “QI” or whatever. Plus, you can high-five when something cool happens, and jeer your friends right to their face when they do something dumb. (David.)

It’s a joy! (And, sorry if I’m late to the game on this, but it was tons of fun. Thought you should know.)

Just be sure you play with friends that speak English okay:


(Actually, David speaks English fine, usually. Might’ve been all the wine.)

8 Responses to “It’s a lot like Words With Friends but it takes place in real life”

  1. Sally says:


    Anyways, I totally dig Bananagrams, but I am confused about how exactly you win. If I put down, say, 35 words, and my opponent only plays 10 but runs out of tiles first they win? Is that right? I have to be intoxicated to play Banagrams because yelling “PEEL” every five seconds is weird.

  2. Eon says:

    Peel, bitches!

  3. David says:

    I still question four (pronounced fouwer)!

  4. Corpus Nerd says:

    Nice use of N’s!