MM Bloody Marython: Bender’s

Being the last stop on an all day Bloody Mary crawl is a little bit of a bum deal (hello drunk?), but Benders was able to hold it’s own with it’s now famous Slim Jim infused Mary.  You heard me right kids — a real life snackable meat stick conveniently settled next to the green beans and to the right of the straw, all for your noshing pleasure.  Delightful!

Besides having one of the best accoutrement’s on the tour, the Mary was quite delicious and drinkable.  Not too spicy, not too chunky, and the vodka-tomato ratio was just right.  According to the notes from some Crawlers, they’re huge fans of the horseradish addition, as well as the overall presentation of the drink, and of course, the Slim Jim.  We also received feedback stating that not only was Will a very capable and friendly bartender, but also very cute as well.  I don’t know if that affected the scoring or not, but hey, doesn’t hurt!

Overall, Benders, whether drinking Marys, taking whiskey shots or eating tots, is a great place to spend some time, make some new friends over rounds of drinks, and watch Arizona completely blow it against UConn in the Elite 8 (yes, I am still upset and no, I don’t want to talk about it).  Most importantly, get the Bloody Mary and snap into that Slim Jim.

2 Responses to “MM Bloody Marython: Bender’s”

  1. Henri! says:

    Blow it! I would say it was a great game and better to get the L with Horne’s last second 3 throw attempt then getting blown out

  2. buzzgirl says:

    The bartender at Bender’s IS great. And cute…but that did NOT affect my score. Honest.

    It’s a great place to have a 6 hour conversation with a new friend (Hi new friend!)

    I can’t wait to take on the Sunday tour.