Clarification: Local blogger did NOT cut in line at phở riot

New facts have come to light that contradict my earlier report about last night’s phở riot.

Andrew in fact was waiting patiently in line and DID NOT use his blogger cred to cut it for a coveted bowl of snail phở. He would never do such a thing, and neither would I. (Vic probably would though.) Andrew did however end up in the hospital with a serious shoulder injury after a swarm of Guardian Angels tackled and beat him for failing to remove his hat in the presence of a lady.

8 Responses to “Clarification: Local blogger did NOT cut in line at phở riot”

  1. Corpus Nerd says:

    Dislocated shoulder and slandered by the Mission Mission blog! Poor Andrew!

  2. UnPhunny says:

    Here’s a tip: April fools stories should be ph-unny. This one ph-ails.

  3. anthony says:

    i think that a faux/fuh/pho riot is almost as hilarious as douche-burglars getting their girl-jeans all knotted up over a blogger supposedly using some of his cachet to sample a food item of which he informed said douche-Bagottis in the first place.

    “I’m so angry [Mind...] that someone might show appreciation in return for free publicity from a blogger [nearly...] that I’m going to post on the internet about my feelings! [BLOWN!!!!!!]”

    Thanks, MilgramMission, for proving that (part of) any online commentariat is no different from, say, SFGate’s when phush comes to shove.


  4. eleanor says:

    i’m VERY confused.

  5. SFdoggy says:

    The April Pho story was only mildly amusing, the posts were priceless. And, of course, the test of good April fools gag is how many people do you fool.

  6. So, did Andrew really dislocate his shoulder and, if so, how?