Congratulations! You just won a working 42″ plasma-screen TV!

First, our buddy MC found a bigass TV by the side of the road and asked for some help deciding what to do about it. Then, based in part on advice from Mission Mission readers, he turned it over to SFPD, and then had to deal with a months-long runaround over a TV he didn’t even particularly want. As of today, the TV is his, but he still needs some help. Here’s the deal:

After the requisite 120 days, no one had claimed the TV, so by all rules, I had a right to re-claim my found 42″ Plasma TV — the only question was: would the SFPD Property Room ‘lose’ it?

The short answer: no. So, kudos to them for keeping it honest.

As I waited to be called up a rough looking dude with neck tattoos was before me. He asked for, and received back, his $3,100 from a previous police seizure.

When the judge called me case, he chuckled and, like the rest of everyone who hears the story, said “So you found this on 24th and Capp? Really?” After the SFPD Attorney, Ronnie, said that she was prepared to release it back to me, the judge declared, “Congratulations — you are now the proud owner of a 42″ Plasma TV,” with a smile.

In minutes, I had the release order and was told to head to the Property Room in the basement. As I got there, it reeked of pot; they were blasting Ezay E, followed by the Humpty Dance. It was a pretty great site. After I handed over the order, and the cop behind the counter again laughed about the situation, he came back after 30 minutes with the TV. At this point, another dude trying to get back about 4 guns, and the guy with the money were intrigued, so I told them the story.

I ended with my plan to donate to an old folks home or something, and the rough guy said, “Donate to me!” to which I quickly replied with “Donate? You just got $3,000 bucks!” Which, then, he offered to buy the TV on the spot right there. I didn’t want to wait around to see how long it would take him to get cash back form the cops, so I carried the thing down the steps of Hall of Justice and flagged a SUV Taxi and threw it in along with my bike and brought it to my office. Now, it’s sitting on my coworkers desk while I figure out what to do with it.

So, the question is: what awesome organization near 24th & Capp would benefit from this large TV? I don’t really like the idea of kids watching TV, but maybe an old folks home? A waiting room for a free health clinic? Day Labor Center? Recommendations welcome!

Weigh in below:

22 Responses to “Congratulations! You just won a working 42″ plasma-screen TV!”

  1. Henri! says:

    826 Valencia have a need for it? I mean they should be teaching kids to read but maybe the need a Maury break.

  2. Jay says:

    Well, it’s not near 24th and Capp, but the kids they help are there and the group itself is in the Mission near Valencia and 15th. At the Crossroads helps street kids get off the street.!/group.php?gid=19483885829

    It’s a great organization and can use the help, since they use a bunch of multimedia to educate folks. They are also pretty bootstrapped. I think they could really use it.

  3. fsharp says:

    Give it to MEPI on 24th and Treat.
    They run on a shoe string and work hard to help kids with their school work.

    kudos for not keeping it

  4. Wait, what?

    You went to all this trouble and you didn’t even want the thing in the first place?


  5. Joel says:

    Hit up Chad at SFSMILES.ORG. He will find it a very, very good home.

  6. Lilia says:

    what about the old folks home at 21st and Capp? With the big mural?

  7. Sam says:

    What about Walden House (a drug rehab program) at 15th and Mission?

  8. Swilson says:

    How about Rosamunde? They do so much for the hood. Really deserving. Or if you really want it to go to old folks…how about Clooneys?

  9. JP says:

    There is also an elderly home on South Van Ness near 23rd and the Boys and Girls club on Valencia and a Ceasar Chavez Elementary on Shotwell. It would be cool if some desreving non-profit had a silent aucton / fundraiser coming up and you could donate it to generate some cash for a cause.

  10. Fister Belvedere says:

    The world would benefit from you smashing a television.

  11. Brenda says:

    How about 7Tepees They do some great things with kids and would probably use it for education. 17th & Folsom

  12. Precita Eyes Muralists! 24th and Harrison!

  13. Ralph says:

    Larkin Street Youth Services. They have a few Transitional Living sites for youth (by youth I mean 18-24) who are transitioning off the streets – working and going to school and trying to get back on their feet. They could definitely use a nice TV to kick back after a hard days work.