Broken Records

Broken Records

This is the most amount of broken records ever observed on the sidewalk by me.

4 Responses to “Broken Records”

  1. Andy says:

    Ya, 78s are quite brittle, they can crack just from being set down wrong. You need to really have at it to get similar destruction from a normal LP, unless it’s some old Chess record or something, those are brittle sometimes too.

  2. 22nd Street says:

    I love that bar. It’s one of my favorite bars in the city.

  3. MrEricSir says:

    On 16th St, right? I saw those last week, kind of surprising nobody has cleaned them up since then.

  4. Missionite says:

    Best story ever: Above/behind the Walgreens at 18th & Castro there are actually apartments.

    Once we witnessed a fight, resulting on one of the two fighting being locked out on 18th in his underwear while the other was throwing the record collection into the parking lot and generally cursing the relationship.

    The underwear cast out was arrested, and someone in the parking lot called up to the record tosser:

    “Got any Van Halen?”

    True story, circa 1995, maybe.