All evidence to the contrary, this is not an F stop

This is not the F stop

Broken Records

Broken Records

This is the most amount of broken records ever observed on the sidewalk by me.

Mission National Bank Sign Teardown

Mission National Bank on 16th and Julian. Looks like they were banking on a better economy, but had to bail out. Or maybe they’re just renovating? Someone should check.

Picture sent by Zoe Banks (real name)

Update: MrEricSir says:

I walk by here every day, they’ve been remolding for a while. The bank still seems to be operating, in spite of the fact that their website is out of date.

Update 2: racycarr has a better explanation:

This building is not being torn down, it is getting a safety improvement: the cladding was begining to separate from the walls, and is being lovingly and historically accurately reattached. The building is also getting a bit of a history checkup: the original 1906 sign over the door, which likely reads “MISSION BANK” will hopefully soon be revealed.


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