Car vs. Bank (Bank Loses)


An allegedly hopped up woman late this afternoon allegedly drove her car right the fuck off the road, up onto the god damn sidewalk, and right the fuck into the Wells Fargo on the corner of 22nd and Mission. Miraculously, not one son of a bitch was hurt.

Good gravy! Look at the carnage from this angle:


Even hours after the alleged incident onlookers were transfixed:


And finally some dudes got to cleaning things up:


Update: Crowder says, “I walked by this when the car was still halfway through the building and the whole corner was jam packed with gawkers. Best part was a hipster walking by saying ‘ugh, bored people will just look at ANYTHING, won’t they?’. Um, dude, a fucking car drove through a bank.” Link.

17 Responses to “Car vs. Bank (Bank Loses)”

  1. meave says:

    And all the redirected drivers were too stupid/ignorant to take S. Van Ness, so Capp Street until 24th was clogged up for hours. And that is how it affected other parts of the neighborhood.

  2. Allan Hough says:

    I like mine better.

  3. Monty says:

    Creativity fail

  4. Allan Hough says:

    I agree. Either of us could have come up with much more creative titles for this. But I think straightforward was the way to go. Let the mess speak for itself.

  5. sangroncito says:

    Passed this mess yesterday evening. It reinforced my hatred for cars. Banks I hate, too, of course.

  6. Crowder says:

    I walked by this when the car was still halfway through the building and the whole corner was jam packed with gawkers. Best part was a hipster walking by saying “ugh, bored people will just look at ANYTHING, won’t they?”. Um, dude, a fucking car drove through a bank. I guarantee you are not on your way to do anything more interesting to look at than that.

  7. MC says:

    life changing. thats going to be expensive.. hopefully she is not underinsured (if she’s got it), like the majoirty of us… bummer

  8. fadedz says:

    you think they’ll give her a loan for repairs???

  9. fsharp says:

    Totally fucking awesome writing Allan.

    We totally LOLd over here.

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  11. Neo Displacer says:

    Perfect expression of anger toward the financial system. Now if only I could drive my fucking house through a fucking bank I’d feel much better about the clusterfuck Wall St has ignited.

  12. Mark H. says:

    who crashed into the bank? how much money in damages? Was the driver insured? Did police offficers make any arrests? God damn. Bad blogging like this will ensure that the dinosaurs will still kick your ass. I hope the chronicle doesn’t crumble, otherwise i’ll be left with crap like this. All your retarded comments gravitate toward the pseudo-witty. Don’t you people want to know wtf happened? Jesus Christ.

  13. Allan Hough says:

    Mark H., I appreciate your criticism, and believe me every day I wrestle with whether or not I should devote more time to a given post.

    When I was working the first Forlorn Candy Corn post for instance, it tore me up inside that I was unable to do further research into the origin of the character, the process by which it is applied to a given wall, and the artist or artists behind it. But I hit “publish” anyway, in an effort to get what little shred of news out there into the ether in as timely a fashion as possible.

    Were I to invest the time it would take to suss out the details and check the facts, one of those numbered fuckers like Johnny0 or Plug1 would surely scoop me. And then where would I be? Sitting on an unpublished candy corn goldmine with my thumb up my ass, that’s where.

  14. zinzin says:

    candy corn goldmine is my new stripper name.

  15. Jeremy says:

    Sorry, Allan. Your excuses just aren’t going to cut it. I want my money back for this blog.

  16. johnny0 says:

    I’d like to apologize on behalf of all numbered fuckers for putting such intense competitive pressure on Allan. He dropped the ball on this story so badly that the Chron has yet to cover it, and he completely missed this critical piece of car crash related news.

    MM vs SFgate (SFgate loses)

  17. AL says:

    It is a miracle that not one person got hurt or a fatality. I walked by there around 10:00 pm and it was a interesting thing you normally don’t see. Oh yeah on that comment about hipsters, that is them in a nutshell. Seriously put some care in the world you (fill in the blank with slander towards hipster)