All whites are sick?

I can’t tell which kind of racism this is. Is it like, “All white are siiick, bro!” Or is it that all white people are sick in the head?

Or is it just a comment on how white people all have allergies and stuff all the time and black people somehow don’t?

[via cashmoneybaby]

9 Responses to “All whites are sick?”

  1. Todd1sf says:

    Our secret’s out.

  2. fsharp says:

    The apostrophe after the word “white” is unnecessary. I wish people would perform a grammar and spelling check before vandalizing our buildings.

    signed, whitey

  3. SCUM says:

    Maybe it’s about this The New Zealand national football team, nicknamed the All Whites, is the national association football team of New Zealand and is governed by New Zealand Football (NZF).


    WHITE DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. YAR! says:

    It’s got something to do with that Byrd guy:

  6. Dwight Supremacy says:

    Oh, how I wish it was the last one! Allergy eyes and post-nasal drip are so annoying.

  7. Pedro Navaja says:

    Hey……..I never seem to see black people walking around with red puffy eyes, runny noses and having sneezing fits; but that can’t be true, can it? Seriously.

  8. Brock Keeling says:

    I do have the sniffles. So, yes.