La Pabsts ou la vie!

Mission Local reports:

The 37-year-old victim ended his picnic early and thirsty.

He was sitting in Dolores Park at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday when a 20-something male approached him, pulled out a knife and demanded a beer, police reported.

The suspect then decided he wanted more than one. He took the 12-pack and fled.

Wow, man. That’s a way better story than the thing I saw at Dolores Park last night. Watch your backs.

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[Photo by Paul Mison]

UPDATE: Our buddy Lindsey adds another perspective:

3 Responses to “La Pabsts ou la vie!”

  1. chalkman says:

    what i saw in Dolores Park this morning was a ton of trash from everyone enjoying the sun yesterday….

  2. Status quo in DP. Is there any reason those hideous Green Machine contraptions that run on Market sidewalks couldn’t swoop over the hills and dales of Dolores?