Malts shop

Here’s one of the raddest songs by a local band I’ve heard all year:

And lucky for us, Terry Malts are playing a free show tonight at 8pm sharp at Afterlife. There will also be beer, according to the subliminal messages in this flyer:

Furthermore, as you can see, it’s a benefit for Yes Yes Yes, some kind of rad new magazine. Liz of Yes Yes Yes explains:

The show’s a fundraiser for our magazine’s second issue, and we’re gonna be selling beer and maybe wine and/or some alcoholic punch of some sort (a good one, don’t worry) and will have a computer set up so people can donate to our kickstarter or just an old fashioned giant jug for additional donations.

The aforementioned Kickstarter is here if you’d like to get a head start on donating.

For more on why Terry Malts are great, check out a lovely Bay Bridged feature from a few weeks back right here.

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