BARTboarding blooper

Reader Marcus just got in touch via a comment on our Contact us page to recommend a video he shot over the weekend. Here’s how it all started:

‎Hey Terresina, you should totally just like, stand on your skateboard and when the train stops, you’ll like, go forward.

Was it a solid hypothesis? See for yourself:

12 Responses to “BARTboarding blooper”

  1. thuglifecrunk187 says:

    hmm im not sure i enjoy Terresina’s name, but i can still applaud her shredding ability

  2. Ryan says:

    This isn’t newsworthy, funny, charming, insightful, or anything else that would normally prompt someone to post to a blog.

  3. BT says:

    Great. Just what the Bay Area needs: another clown abusing public property and doing something incredibly annoying to other long-suffering users of public transportation. I wish the video hadn’t ended where it did–what I really want to see is the BART cops tasing her.

  4. one says:

    Cmon – where are all the comments about how cute is this girl?? I’m shocked!

  5. bebop says:

    Really, people are getting annoyed with a cute girl enjoying herself on public transportation… No one got hurt, so WHY would anyone care enough to talk shit… Get a life, or enjoy the one you have.

  6. Crazy Kids! Watch out you’re going to get Tazed!

  7. Swish says:

    Its Friday, June 3, 2011 and I’m still not laughing. I is not amused.

  8. men are dumb and not funny these days says:

    OH, such a nice thing to say you’d get rammed by some idiot hipster or bro-mah fucknutt. WOW! I’m sure she’s smiling ear to ear now. Are these jokes even still funny to people? It’s tired. But yeah, at best, this could be inserted into one of those fail compilation videos on youtube.