Are you somebody’s missing Muni boyfriend?

Wow. This is a helluva lot better than the average Missed Connection. Best of luck, lovebirds!

(Thanks, Kim!)

9 Responses to “Are you somebody’s missing Muni boyfriend?”

  1. TC says:

    pathetic. just ask the person for their name/number next time and you won’t have to make these lame ass fliers.

    • mow mow says:

      pathetic? pathetic is taking the time (you must have a lot to spare) to write a nasty response on this blog post. boo,whore.

    • Dom says:

      Fliers? What does this have to do with pilots?

      Anyway, buzzkills with black hearts aside, I think it’s charming.

  2. holly says:

    no way, just asking someone for their name/number is boring. these flyers are at least creative.

  3. scam says:

    This screams of an adult dating* / craigslist scam. Someone should try it with a junk email address and post results.

    I’m betting 100:1 that its a camwhore website scam.

    • MrEricSir says:

      No way. There was too much work involved with creating and distributing these posters for it to be a scam. And with the specifics involved, they’re not going to get much bait.

  4. AttF says:

    In a few years, when missing Muni boyfriend is drunkenly asking his friends how he ended up the most annoyingly crazy/needy/clingy girlfriend in SF, at least they’ll have this sign as a reference….”but, it seemed cute at the time!!”

  5. why says:

    This is awesome – love the work they put in…