Some action at the future Southpaw BBQ


So this is finally happening. As we wrote back in February, there is some action going on at the Chinese restaurant on Mission between 17th and 18th, which possibly means that Southpaw BBQ will be up and running soon. Here is what we have to look forward to, from Southpaw’s Facebook page:

Southpaw BBQ is a tribute to quality Southern BBQ and food traditions that have been passed down through the generations. The focus of Southern style BBQ and cuisine is to provide delicious, quality, value-driven food in a warm and inviting atmosphere that promotes a strong sense of community. The Southpaw BBQ chef upholds the tenants of traditional Southern food, while creatively infusing San Francisco values of ethically and local sourced ingredients into the menu. Southpaw BBQ is a relaxed, inviting atmosphere where customers can feel at home while indulging in regional Southern food, specialty home brewed beers and creative cocktails.

14 Responses to “Some action at the future Southpaw BBQ”

  1. MrEricSir says:

    Oh no, where will the crackheads eat now?

    • HK Express says:

      I ate there a lot, even after a patron asked for a dollar. I stopped eating there when a couple with a dog all eating chicken, the dog was eating it off the floor.

  2. thuglifecrunk187 says:

    maybe they could say southern a few more times. where in ‘the south’ are they from????? cuz im pretty sure i don’t take kindly to that kinda talk.

  3. chalkman says:

    A tenet is a belief or doctrine considered true. A tenant is a renter or occupant.

  4. chalkman says:

    but I’ll still eat their BBQ!

  5. boo urns says:

    great.. another place in SF trying to do BBQ in the southern ‘tradition’ and they will more then likely fail.. ugh..

  6. thanks says:

    sounds like $30 for a plate of fake BBQ . . .

    • cjonesplay says:

      As a southerner I have yet to find even decent country food in the City. Will I hate on this before it even exists? No. I still have hope.

  7. Awesome says:

    The problem with every fake bque joint In the city is that not one owner is from the south. The owner of Memphis minnies is from new York and his aunt was fro Memphis. This place will finally bring true southern food to sf. Thank god

  8. big mel the super says:

    Before you hate on this place go try it and meet the people that run this joint down to earth awesome people trying to bring you fuckers some good eats show some appreciation to them for cleaning up that f’d up neighborhood give it a chance haters.