Dirty Cupcakes tonight at the Knockout

So they’ve got a rad look, a rad sound, and you’ll recall the fuss we made over their especially epic outfits from last time. Can you think of a reason not to see Dirty Cupcakes tonight? I can’t.

20 Responses to “Dirty Cupcakes tonight at the Knockout”

  1. thuglifecrunk187 says:

    seems radical

  2. Adam says:

    They are just… bad. Cute, but bad. They sound like chipmunks who learned to play the guitar only last week.

  3. Wha? says:

    So many great bands out there and you post this? If it were dudes they’d never make this page.

    • thanks says:

      if you hated women a little less, they might talk to you.

    • Anonymous Behavior says:

      Agreed. While it’s refreshing to see all female bands, the bar should be set a little higher for the ladies–preferably above breast level. Hopefully this is a valiant start to something more imaginative.

      • Allan Hough says:

        Agreed? So you went to the show and are making an informed judgment?

        I went. It ruled!

        • Anonymous Behavior says:

          No, I’m making a flash-judgement based on one video of a three chord, practically monosyllabic song (okay, five chords, barely). It’s true that there are many dynamics that can make a performance good or bad other than songwriting. But songwriting is still really important. These ladies have great energy and are probably/hopefully onto something really good, I just don’t think it’s happened quite yet. BTW, I’m a female musician and not totally indifferent to disparate standards in the music community.
          But you’re right, I didn’t see the show so I could be talking out my ass.

          • Vic Wong says:

            SInce when did chord count equate good musicianship? John Coltrane’s “Impressions” is two chords.

            I see your point about musicianship, but I think there is an equal amount to be said about performance. A lot of really great musicians do a shitty job of performing and presenting themselves well at a show.

            Also different strokes. I personally think the Doors are boring as fuck, but lots of people like them, so I just chalk it up to taste.

  4. Anonymous Behavior says:

    *monophonic* is what i meant to say

  5. Crispin says:

    I was wondering why I had a 300 spike view count for this video, I love The Dirty Cupcakes, I’ve seen them do good and bad shows, but that describes many bands. YouTube user CrispinSF, I have some good video up there, it’s not like I get paid per view, I just want to turn you on to good music as I’m a loser and go out to shows 5 nights a week so I know what’s out there.

  6. a Cupcake says:

    Thanks, Allan! All your support is appreciated and so awesome.

    We’re working on sprucing up our online presence. Since we unanimously agree that is the “WORST video of our band in existence,” I hope you’ll keep an open mind about our upcoming music video.

    Hate on, haters!

  7. A Cupcake says:

    How about now? I dedicate this song to Allan.


  8. LesboHaircut says:

    HOLY SHIT! Did I just see Brontez in there!? So fuckin’ awesome! You guys rock!