Ridiculous horchata

My goodness, look at the size of that thing! San Jalisco really knows how to quench a girl’s thirst, I guess.

[via Awww Damn]

22 Responses to “Ridiculous horchata”

  1. nofatchix says:

    that Horchata is too fucking fat.

  2. feedthebirds says:

    she is fucking tiny

  3. Gucci Gucci Louis Louis Fendi Fendi Prada, San Jalisco really has the most ridiculous horchata!


  4. scum says:

    Thats how my penis looks in her hands also.

  5. Russel says:

    Hot new look for summer: forlorn Mariachi guy

  6. no.thanks. says:

    teeeeeeny chinese girl.

  7. nofatchix says:

    follow Allan at girlsdrinkingshit.tumblr.com

  8. chalkman says:

    scary fingers!

  9. Uni36veral says:

    I think i watched her clip on kink. not sure. Anyways, THATS A HUGE HORCHATA!

  10. one9 says:

    SanJalisco is da bomb. Best Mexican restaurant in SF by far.