Braindead Dave has passed away, but perhaps Force of Habit Records will live on

It’s that sporadically open little record store on 20th Street, where you bought weird old records for cheap, and maybe a vintage lunchbox for a friend’s birthday, and maybe a new needle for your turntable. Its owner passed away recently, and his friends and family are trying to find a way to keep his legacy — the store — alive. All Shook Down tells the story:

​”Braindead” Dave Devereaux, owner of Force of Habit Records in the Mission, a small but passionately run shop specializing in rare punk rock, vinyl, and collectible toys, passed away this month of an unknown cause. He was 41.

Devereaux passed away on July 4 or 5 — paramedics found him dead in his apartment on July 5, and autopsies to determine the cause of death have proven inconclusive. For the last year and a half of his life, Devereaux suffered from gastroesophageal problems, according to family members and friends.

“Dave was one of that sort of vanishing species known as a ‘record geek,’” said Jello Biafra, former vocalist of the Dead Kennedys and regular customer at Devereaux’s shop. “Very passionate about music.”

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7 Responses to “Braindead Dave has passed away, but perhaps Force of Habit Records will live on”

  1. Huh. Sad. Always meant to stick my nose in there, but his hours and my graveyard shift got in the way.

    RIP, duder.

  2. Stu says:

    makes me feel shitty for being so pissed going down there to find a record needle when it was supposed to be open and wasn’t. Always liked that spot, when it was in fact, open.

  3. Creepy… Who is knocking off center left record nerds? Mayor LEE!

  4. Devon Strolovitch says:

    A fellow montreal, who knew…

  5. If only I had the means, I would gladly live out my Rob Gordon fantasies running this place.