True goblins

Ever been to Hayes Valley? Then maybe you know these characters, described here by local urban anthropologist (and illustrator) David Enos:

[T]he one in the poncho “fishes” for change using a cup attached to a stick.  When he’s away from the office, (presumably not gone fishing) he weaves the stick and cup through the criss-crosses of the cyclone fencing for safe keeping.  They are horndogs.  I heard them once talking about how hot Red Sonja, Brigitte Neilsen, was.  “Red Sonja…man oh man…MAMA!  Red Sonja…hot as fuck…” Somehow, they have attracted a woman who hangs out with them.

Read on for talk of asses and corncobs.

2 Responses to “True goblins”

  1. Jon z says:

    haha, my old girlfriend used to work at Flippers, she said they were pretty nice.

    She’s foreign so maybe she didn’t catch the lewd comments, but she said they were never very pushy about asking for change and always had a nice word for regulars passing by.

  2. Cortez says:

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