$1,800 VIP tickets to Kreayshawn’s New Year’s Eve Show are sold out

Here’s what you could’ve gotten had you acted faster:

  • Luxury Limousine transportation to and from the show
  • Red Carpet Treatment (Sound Check attendance, Pre and Post-show Meet & Greet, VIP seating)
  • Personalized Engraved Limited Edition NYE Pot Leaf Dog Tag
  • Limited Edition Signed T-Shirt – designed personally by Kreayshawn and autographed at the show. Design to be revealed prior to performance!
  • Admission for (6) six to Kreayshawn’s NYE 2011 show

Bummer, dude.

[via Slob on my Blog, whose author adds, "People are morons."] [Photo by Nobunny]

40 Responses to “$1,800 VIP tickets to Kreayshawn’s New Year’s Eve Show are sold out”

  1. tk says:

    That guy in the background sums up perfectly exactly how I feel about this.

  2. scum says:

    I would give her $1,800 to go away. Wigger wigger.

  3. Andre says:

    “There is only 1 ‘Never Coming Down PKG’ available, and the fan will be contacted personally after purchase to work out details. Enjoy!”

    Looks like there was only one tasteless moron with money to burn…

  4. If you actually like that crap, and have five friends who agree with you, it doesn’t sound like that bad a deal. I’d like it even better, though, if the limo came equipped with an internal Zyklon B gas dispersal system.

  5. SlobDog says:

    I politely decline.

  6. Yerf says:

    Where did the plural of “tickets” come from?

  7. Think_for_Me says:

    After the recent biased media attack against them, it’s nice to know the 1% will still be able to have a good NYE.

  8. jackie says:

    As my coworker just said: “She’s basically just making it MORE embarrassing to be white.”

  9. OMG LOL says:

    I think knowing who she is makes you a loser.

  10. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    I would TOTALLY go see Krayshawn if you paid me $1800 to do it.

  11. TC says:

    If Amy Winehouse and Lady GaGa made a baby would it be Kreayshawn?

    If you were born before 1992 and you think Kreayshawn has talent you’re a mentally stunted fuckwit. If you were born after 1992 you’re still a fuckwit, but here’s to you discovering good music somewhere along the way.

  12. Robert says:

    1800 USD is nothing. I am willing to pay everything to SEE KREAYSHAWN

  13. Haters wanna be me says:

    Give the kid a break – she’s gettin some, what have you got? Haters prove she made it. The kid makes music for other kidz – not for shoe-gazing, scraggly beard-havin, 29 year old part-time programmers posing as 80′s bike messengers.

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