Lost Weekend’s ‘Cinecave’ Kickstarter a smashing success

Congrats to Lost Weekend on funding their community screening room! Seems like a smart move to provide an experience you can’t get on Netflix, and a good place to meet babes. Follow the link for a quick video explaining the project, in case you missed it.

HT: Katie C. [Photo]

2 Responses to “Lost Weekend’s ‘Cinecave’ Kickstarter a smashing success”

  1. Andy says:

    This is GREAT news! A small movie house like this is EXACTLY what the city needs. Presumably, you can show whatever you want since attendance isn’t going to make or break your business.

    My only question is, what are the copyright issues here? Do you have to pay dues to charge money to see a movie? I’m sure they’ve thought this through.

  2. GG says:

    Even if they are showing the movie for free, in this case they would need a public performance license from the copyright holder. Neither the purchase nor rental of a DVD includes the right to exhibit it to strangers outside one’s home. That being said, I doubt the copyright holders are going to come after them.