Broke-Ass Stuart’s version of the pickleback will contain locally sourced artisanal pickle juice

As mentioned before, Stuart has been holding down a Wednesday evening bar tending shift at Dear Mom. To make things a little more interesting, starting tonight, he’s making picklebacks:

The Pickle Back is a shot of whiskey with a shot of pickle juice as a chaser.  I know at first it sounds gross, but really, it’s amazing!  The pickle brine cuts right through the whiskey making even the most rotgut stuff totally tolerable.  But I’m not feeding you that rotgut shit; we’re doing Dickle with the Pickle Back.  And it’s even fancy pickle juice.  I’m getting the stuff  from the fine gentlemen ofWise Sons, who are already famous for the food truck and will be even more so when their new deli opens up on 24th St.

Stuart also implies that he’s the first to bring this concept to SF, but that’s erroneous because I’ve had many picklebacks at Mission Hill Saloon, and a few at Beauty Bar. But Stu’s are made with care and are still only $4, so who gives a shit? Let’s get drunk!

[Mission Hill Saloon pickleback photo by Rumback]

22 Responses to “Broke-Ass Stuart’s version of the pickleback will contain locally sourced artisanal pickle juice”

  1. scum says:

    Thee Parkside has them as well.

  2. I said the first to bring them to the Mission. But that could very well be wrong too.

  3. parisa says:

    i had one last week at dear moms!

    changed my life.

  4. thuglifecrunk187 says:

    im gonna go ahead and say Shay, Philo, Todd, etc @ Elixir have been rocking this for like ever. and they dont rip you for extra cash for the pickle like thee parkside.

    keep it crunk!

  5. scum says:

    I chase my booze with jalapeno juice. And fuck elixer AND H.

  6. Its about time we had more locally sourced brine in our drinks. Thanks for jumping on the pickle bandwagon. Its here to stay!

  7. spambot says:

    I’m a spammer

  8. hater says:

    To be honest I’m a little sick of hearing about this broke ass guy.

    • Ben says:

      Cut him some slack, he’s a local boy done good. Dude built up a little corner of the Internet, made jobs for himself and a few others by writing about shit like this. He’s a nice guy.

    • DaSyrupSez says:

      Agreed. Besides you can’t trust a man who sticks pretzels in his ears and expects people to take him seriously.

  9. giuseppe says:

    FYI, The Breslin in Manhattan has been serving pickle backs for two years now. They are quite good!

  10. yayson says:

    Sooooo Brooklyn

  11. Only just heard about picklebacks last week, but have since tried and liked them. The thing is, I like the taste of whiskey so much that most of the time I can’t be bothered.

  12. thats hella old anyway says:

    sweird how rachael maddow just talked about these on jimmy falon and now…

  13. Ariel says:

    on the east coast this has been a thing for a few years. i’ve had them in washington dc, brooklyn, atlanta, and baltimore. regardless of how and where and when it started, it’s fucking good- best with rye whiskey i think- and i’m glad they’re out here, too.

  14. Heather says:

    Pickles backs are fantastic with vodka! I don’t usually like vodka, but when hanging out with Russians, it’s the thing to do. Also- pickletinis.