Renderings of the new Dolores Park

Looks good to me! And it looked good to some commission that approved it or something yesterday. New Dolores Park, here we come!

Mission Local has more pics and a full report here.

14 Responses to “Renderings of the new Dolores Park”

  1. StowawaySG says:

    Honestly I wish they had the guts to remove a tennis court instead of replacing some valuable pick-up soccer green space with concrete.

    A tennis court serves 2/4 people max (or eight polo bikes once a week).

    A soccer space or soccer cage serves many more at once, and bridges class divides.

    Sorry to kvetch. Hooray for progress and all, just wish scarce funds went into maintenance rather than new “capital constructions.”

  2. Erik says:

    These make my eyes water.

  3. tkap says:

    The ‘Truffle Guy” should have an office there.

  4. beefy j says:

    not sure why they can’t put in a skatepark, or soccer field, or some other thing kids like… instead of a tennis court, which is for adults

  5. Sfnola says:

    So you spend all this money to puy in what will be an amazing and much-used playground, and then move the bathrooms twice as far away. Bad idea.

  6. Rudy says:

    Is that a demolition shopping cart rink? It sure looks like a cart in the white ring… I’ve seen that sport before. Redneck soccer works fine on concrete — soak toilet paper in flammable liquids, ignite, kick. Much safer than on grass.

  7. chalkman says:

    is a pissoir one of those wet walls, if so, bravo!

  8. GG says:

    I can’t tell where the permanent slacklines or electrical outlets for the “Bike Dance Party” guy go. I assume the little square is a commercial kitchen for weed-based baked goods.