Southern Pacific Brewing is gonna be a sick new option for happy hour, lunch, brunch, Saturday night and whenever else

Southern Pacific Brewing opens for real this Friday, but we were lucky enough to get a tour yesterday. Here’s the view from the mezzanine. Two trees inside, one tree out on the patio, lots of light, lots of space. Capacity is 175 seated, 300 standing, so, yeah, lots of space.

Long communal tables give it a classic beer hall feel for sure, and in addition to the beer there’s a well-stocked full bar:

Inside Scoop published a first look at the menu yesterday as well, and it looks good. Here are the sandwiches and burgers:


Smoked Pastrami, rye bread, pickles 11
Confit Chicken salad sandwich 10
Bahn mi, ipa roasted pork loin, kohlrabi slaw, cilantro, black garlic aioli 11
Sandwiches are served with Fries or Yukon gold chips


House Burger, crispy shallots 8
Black and Blue, chili rub and bleu cheese 9
Lentil Burger, spent grain, fontina, grilled onion jam 11
Add bacon, avocado, aged white cheddar, 1.5

Opening weekend they’re only open in the evenings, starting at 7, but come Monday they open at 11AM every day, and push through ’til 2AM Thursday through Saturday. It’s on Treat just south of 19th. Here’s a map in case you can’t quite visualize it:

[Map by Google]

All photography by Ariel Dovas. After the jump, pictures of the brewing setup, and the grain silo (to give you another idea of just how huge this space is):


48 Responses to “Southern Pacific Brewing is gonna be a sick new option for happy hour, lunch, brunch, Saturday night and whenever else”

  1. sixtypercenttogether says:

    so dope. this looks so awesome. can’t wait to try this place out.

  2. scum says:

    I guess I will start with the negativity. Capacity near 500 drunk people means the space will be extremely loud. $11 pastrami sandwich? $11 lentil burger? I will give it a go early just to sample the beers.

    • Old Mission Neighbor says:

      don’t come

      • scum says:

        Two of the guys from Speakeasy are behind this so I will go early in the day for the beer. Fuck you for the advice though.

    • @scum, you’re confused. “175 seated, 300 standing” means 175 seated OR 300 standing. not both at the same time.

      • scum says:

        Check the link.

        • dvtdl? says:

          I’m trying to find the info on their website, but that thing is not very user friendly.

          Are you talking about the sf gate link?

          “There are just over 100 seats indoors; with the outdoor seating (in the area pictured above), it runs about 175 total. Standing occupancy is 300.”

          I’m pretty sure that is saying the same thing I said. I guess we’ll just have to wait until Friday when we can look at their occupancy permit :)

  3. Old Mission Neighbor says:

    this is going to be so sick…..BRO

  4. Schlomo Rabinowitz says:

    Though I’d rather a whiskey distillery, I’m really excited about this venue.

  5. Save the Mission says:

    Great, another yuppie magnet. Fuck this place.

    • D. Jon Moutarde says:

      You aren’t saving anything by pissing on anything new.

    • Betterfication says:

      jesus christ. an awesome new beer hall and brewery in the neighborhood, and all you can do is b*tch?

      stay away. go join a revival temperance movement or something.

    • Travis says:

      You can keep hanging out under the bridge if you want.

    • John Waters says:

      Its a yo pro hipster bro takeover. That space was so much better when it was a…um…

    • Jack Walker says:

      My old flat on Folsom used to but up against that place. There was a sign on the roof warning the owners would shoot anyone caught on the roof. I used to walk out on their roof with my sidearm hoping for a showdown but it never happened. It used to be a metal fab shop. The presses and punches would run all day — often through a swing sift and on many Sundays. The low thump thump was soothing and rocked me to sleep often. I wonder what kind of city this will be when the last manufacturer is replaced by another restaurant.

    • Eric says:

      Remember back in ’91 when people were saying, “Save the Mission!”?

  6. D. Jon Moutarde says:

    Can’t afford it every day, but once every week or two… why not? The full menu looks delicious.

  7. Olu says:

    The room looks really nice, but an $11 bahn mi strains credulity.

  8. Betterfication says:

    i do love me a big beer hall. bring it on, san francisco could use several of these. and a large beer garden, too, thank you very much.

  9. david says:

    I think the prices are pretty reasonable for a new place in the mission, especially if those prices include tax. This is a far cry from the new swank going up like Laconda and Hog and Rocks.

  10. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Food seems way over-priced, but I’ll totally go for the beer anyway.

  11. No fish today says:

    Awesome. The problem with having a full bar though, is that mixed drinks always attract hoes and douchebags.

  12. DomPara says:

    BRB, gonna go get food from Tonayense truck and eat it in there.

  13. henri! says:

    Moar BEER!

  14. GG says:

    I think it’s time to draw a line in the sand. From now on I refuse to eat anyplace that has communal tables, period. The only jackasses I want to share a table with are the ones with which I’m friends.

  15. thefrederale says:

    The Mission needs more liquor stores, not beer halls! People should drink alone; not in some God-forsaken fancy-pants temple to beer and interior design!

  16. Freedom_Dawg says:

    I’m glad any time a new place opens where we can drink and briefly forget about the failed policies of B. Hussein Obumma.

  17. truth says:

    MarketingMarketing – Your home for all the news in the happening new Marina South neighborhood.

    • Ben says:

      You’ve been going on about this for quite a while now. Haven’t you realized by now that a lot of this blog’s readers are people looking for stuff to do in the neighborhood? Whether it’s a ping pong party, new restaurant, bar, or whatever.

      Are you like this with your friends, too? I can picture it now.
      Friend:”Hey man, I ate lunch at this cool new place the oth-”
      truth: “Get out of my face with your goddamned MARKETING! Are they paying you to tell me this?!”

  18. scum says:

    Went Monday afternoon and tried all the beers and got a tour. Thanks Andy, the place is cool.

  19. Dr Elitist says:

    I wish it was more yuppified. In fact, I just wish it was a starbucks.

  20. Tuffy says:

    I was a bit confused when the black and blue burger didn’t have bleu cheese on it.

    It’s REALLY noisy. They need to figure out some way to deaden the sound. It wasn’t even that crowded when I was there.

  21. Doatleel says:

    “Sick”? a “Sick” option. Would please stop using stupid-ass language like that? Next thing you guys are going to start using “hella” …. pulleeeeeeeeassse…

  22. Elliott says:

    It’s bourgie. It’s steampunk. So SF.