Jawbreaker to reunite, maybe

This teaser ad looks pretty phony, but it’s making the rounds and getting some serious coverage. I sent the link to our in-house punk expert Lizzy and asked her if it’s for real:

Lizzy: WHAT
i don’t know….
i’d give it like a 40% chance maybe
mostly given all the other emo reunions that have gone around the last few years
where’d you get that?
me: josh yule
Lizzy: i don’t know
i’ll believe it when i see it
it doesn’t seem likely, but then i also though at the drive-in were gone forever
Sent at 11:21 AM on Thursday

Excellent point. Here’s hoping the band responsible for “the sound of the Mission” indeed comes back to life. Thanks, Lizzy! Thanks, Josh!

21 Responses to “Jawbreaker to reunite, maybe”

  1. Lindsey says:


  2. Sweet T says:

    I would trade in ten At The Drive-In and Refused reunions for one Jawbreaker reunion.

    Someone go down to Lost Weekend and waterboard Adam for the truth.

  3. GG says:

    I call BS. Blake Schwarzenbach has vocally and repeatedly cited a whole bunch of reasons why he wouldn’t want to do a reunion tour, even after they all got back together a few years ago for the filming of that documentary and had the warm fuzzies.

  4. stop already this is silly says:

    lolz! seriously yall?! this started on a fucking lagwagon message board. come on people. when has anyone announced they were going to announce they were going to play? who does that? van halen. 1 picture of a janky flyer (online) shouldn’t fool so many people.

  5. Abraham says:

    Yeah, it’s definitely fake. Blake Schwarzenbach always says that he’ll never ever work with Chris Bauermeister and Adam Pfahler again as Jawbreaker, even though they have reconciled for years. The poster was made up by some 10 year old idiot.

  6. Sweet T says:

    Well I heard that they were planning a huge reunion, but then someone leaked their flyer on a Lagwagon message board and they were all pissed like, “We were gonna’ do it, but since SOMEONE can’t keep a secret, we changed our minds. You jerks can have another 24 Hour Revenge Therapy vinyl reissue instead.”

  7. yulebesorry says:

    I checked Blakes facebook page and he has not said “NO”, nor has he confirmed either. I am friends with a person in his newest band the Forgetters and they currently have no tours or shows planned. My guess is Blake will be busy with JAWBEAKER! Just added fuel to the fire.

    • florabama says:

      so no forgetters news? i thought the bottom of hill show was awesome… much better then the thorns of life show at hemlock. after their european tour they just disappeared with no web updates or anything. they had way more songs than just that 7 inch, so i’m surprised they haven’t released anything.

  8. thorns of life reunion?

  9. Hey there, I was the one who wrote that article calling Jawbreaker “the sound of the Mission.” I’ll always stand by that statement.

    Sadly, I don’t think they’d ever reform. Blake has actually talked at length about leaving that music’s on-stage period in the past. The best we can hope for is more Forgetters shows and for that documentary film to get finished.

    Also, the indispensible Jawbreaker history website http://loosecharm.org/ has gone down — cyber-squatted. It’s rough out there for a Jawbreaker fan.

  10. Alissa says:

    Watch them reunite and then do something stupid like only play Warped Tour.

  11. blah says:

    >It’s rough out there for a Jawbreaker fan.

    Jawbreaker would want it that way.

  12. Justin says:

    Since he teaches in ny, let’s stand outside of the college with signs.
    It’ll be rad

  13. Jeremy says:

    If Jawbreaker has reunion tour I might go all Deadhead and follow them around the country in my mini van with 3 kids……I guess my wife will come to, Horace Pinker Jawbreaker 1994 last show I saw

  14. Benjamin Namo says:

    forgetters have broken up after their european tour. get with it.

  15. JB says:

    Blake aint done anything decent since the first JTB album. but i wish he would pull his finger out.

  16. Tommy Strange says:

    The sound of the mission? Why do you say that? That’s weird. I mean I know your ‘history’ on this site goes back to uhhh…look the very old TIP TOP SIGN! but christ blake and chris only lived here a few years, and for 12 years before that tons of famous bands lived and played here…not to mention you are making a white somewhat privileged band as the ‘sound’. I love the guys.
    Even got their first show in the Mission. But come on. And their sound came from Husker Du and some DC influences. It was nothing new, but just great passionate rocknroll.
    If you have to pick an ‘alternative’ kinda white band, pick J church at least.
    Lance did the damn comp.