Valencia swing cut down again, this time by a city official :(

Our pal Matt delivers the bad news:

Was running late for work so didn’t have time to snap a pic but saw a city maintenance worker cutting down the swing on Valencia. Swinggate continues! SOPA! Obama!

Capitalism! Christianity! Society!

59 Responses to “Valencia swing cut down again, this time by a city official :(”

  1. Some Jerk says:

    Way to stay on top of the pressing issues of our day, MM!

  2. scum says:

    That’s what happen when you violate the law in plain view.

  3. bensen says:

    put another back up! fight the power! “99%!” or whatever people are saying…

  4. dude says:

    go read a fvcking book.

  5. marlon says:

    alas!!!..the swing!!!!oh-h-h-h-h!!!!the swing!!!(i really do like it;but lets be sarcastic here…)why the freaks dont you all go to:GOLDEN GATE PARK(2)find a rear trail(3)find a tree(4)put up a swing(5)bring wine;pepperoni;and cheese(6)swing to your hearts delight ALL DAY ALL NIGHT ALL THE NEXT DAY (ad infinitum)..and you also wont be blocking sidewalks;nearly kicking passerbys in the head;simple???good..go do it!!(but watch out for my homeboy back there;he;ll be sneaking up on your wine!!!

  6. EH says:


  7. Emily says:

    GODDAMN IT. I have been walking past it on my way to work, but because I always have my computer with me, I have been holding off on riding it. Chance lost.

  8. Superlesbian says:


  9. GG says:

    The claim that Obama killed Osama Bin Laden was obviously a CONSPIRACY perpetrated by the LIBERAL LEFTIES because only someone so devoid of compassion and humanity would come to San Francisco and commit this heinous crime against fun.


  10. Kseniya says:

    these budget cuts have gone TOO FAR

  11. Chris says:

    I bet they are taking it home to put it up on their own tree.

  12. wizzer says:

    The swing is stupid. One more trendy stupid urban thing that lame hipsters grab on to and think they invented it and that it belongs wherever they want it to be. bullshit.

    It’s also dangerous. While walking by there one sunday afternoon some dipshit 30 something woman was in the swing fly back and forth like no tomorrow. the swing flew way over the entire sidewalk, narrowly missing my head and a few other people. she continued to laugh like a damnn hyena on meth, oblivious to everyone around her.

    Keep the swing down. go play in a kiddie park if ya wanna swing away.

  13. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    So they cut down the swing. Big deal. If you miss it, put another one right back up. It’s the circle of life, baby.

  14. Missionite says:

    You idiots who thinks it a great idea to have a swing, need to grow up.
    I had a friend hit buy some stupid 20 something year olds who think it ok to swing in the middle of Valencia St and when she hit my friend her response was
    you should not have been in my way!!!
    I will cut it down myself if i see it go back up.
    You are not intiltled to hurt others because of your child like behavior.

  15. Excel says:

    I wish we had a slide… down south @ Excel

  16. Jon says:

    the swing was cut down, due to a city complaint from the same woman who cut down the original.

    • Nosmo King says:

      You know this how?

      • Jak's says:

        Do you have any idea who Nosmo King was? Show some respect.

        • Nosmo King says:

          Are you aware of the contribution made by my friend Jak?! Show some respect, sir.

          • Jak's says:

            Speak on it then…………………

          • Nosmo King says:

            If you have somehow reached an age at which you are capable of reaching a keyboard without learning of the accomplishments of those three musketeers of sophomoric practical jokes, Jak Meoff, Mike Hunt, and I, Nosmo King, then you are hardly worthy of education. Besides, it would spoil some excellent future fun at your expense!

  17. Missionite says:

    You are missing the point . My spelling is not the issue . Safety IS. GROW UP.
    Put the swing up again . I will cut it down.

  18. En-Chu Lao says:

    Our swaang, our swaang! They done took’d it down!
    Move back to Bent Fork; hang a swing in Cornpone Square, and live happily ever after.
    A city with moderate population density can’t have a swing on a busy sidewalk just to satisfy some Hee-Haw down-home giddy-ups.

    • wizzer says:

      Great and funny reply. totally agree. trouble is the lame assed hipsters crawling along Valencia haven’t grown up. they want their ratty little childhood back.

      not gonna happen on MY public street.

  19. vatoloko says:

    ima cut the swing, the fuckin tree and y’all throats you dumbass bitchboys!

  20. Superlesbian says:

    Hipsters didn’t even put up the swing u idiots. I think anyone who got hit by this swing should get some sort of darwin consolation prize for walking around without using common sense and getting hit by a swing.

  21. kitterfly says:

    As a fourteen-year-old living in the area, I quite enjoyed the swing.
    However, because we DON’T live in a perfect world, I think it’s better that it has been removed. Most of the people using the swing were completely unaware of their surroundings and would hit people passing by, which is not okay in the least bit. If the swing was put up again, I would be totally fine with it, and would probably swing on it if there was no one nearby for me to crash into.
    But if I saw one of these terrible people everyone keeps mentioning, swinging recklessly and JUST BEING AWFUL…
    Stupid fun-killing people.
    It’s because of the people who abuse the swing that it even became a problem.

  22. Shawn says:

    So much for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. While we’re at it we can kiss freedom good-bye too.

  23. SheWhoClimbsTrees says:

    It’s Baaaaack!

  24. Obbop says:

    Fascinating story and comments.

    Howdy, y’all, from way over yonder in the heart of hillbilly heaven.

    Observing from afar from atop the Ozark Plateau.

    Current home of a wandering Disgruntled Old Coot residing in a shanty amidst the ridges and hollers of a locale where road-kill ‘possum stew Ma cooks up in the kettle in the front yard next to the old Chevy lawn ornament perched on concrete blocks.

    Yeah, over yonder on the other side of the awesome Sierra Nevada range and even the Rocky Mountain High impediment to horse and buggy travel.

    The ongoing plight of the Valencia swing has been monitored and reported upon locally:

    As an ex-East Bayer I still miss Herb Caen’s column and engorging myself with Red Java House double cheese burgers on a sourdough roll.