Gross new look for winter: Belly button button

Gross, Jake. Gross.

[via chirp]

10 Responses to “Gross new look for winter: Belly button button”

  1. Fable Jay Scorcher says:

    hahaha cmon it’s a belly button! at least give me credit for being a little bit clever

  2. Swanky says:

    Button is funny. Ill-fitting shirt, not so much.

    • moderniste says:

      Seriously. If you are going to rock the whole Western fitted shirt and skinny jeans thing, you need to be *whip thin*, which also means “put that beer down, lumpen dude”.

      It’s the same sort of violation as the Female Muffin Top amongst podgy overconsumers-of-vegan-wheatmeats-and-red-wine.

      That pin is kinda genius though, however strong it’s ick factor may be.

      • Fable Jay Scorcher says:

        lol guys i was sticking out my stomach as egregiously as possible because the preggars look kinda emphasizes the button.

        i would tell you to go write for yelp but “lumpen dude” is pretty hilarious. really want people to start calling me that irl.

  3. Nosmo King says:

    Go for the piercing, J.

  4. LawnDarter says:

    I just want to know where he got shirt so I can do a better job of wearing it…

  5. roller23rd says:

    man, this is SO last year. yawn….

  6. yoyo says:

    I’d like to see this with a bellybutton piercing version.