Reading the signs around us

Our ol’ pal Broke Ass Stuart recently discovered a little known supply shop for disco builders here in the neighborhood.


I bet you could get some of those live goldfish shoes. Or maybe I’m thinking of pimp style. There’s a lot of overlap. You’d probably just find a lot of little mirror pieces that you could glue onto things to make disco balls. Good use of space, guys.

And then, days later, I found an equally interesting new business venture, Elf Storage.

Elf Storage

It makes sense when you think about it: you can fit twice the units as regular storage. Plus, outside of the Christmas season, you really only need to keep out the ones who make cookies for you.

Anybody else?

UPDATE: More good, though not local, examples in the comments!

5 Responses to “Reading the signs around us”

  1. Person who lived here before you says:

    With all the yuppie gentrification going on around here this was bound to happen…

    so now we’re going to push the elves out to make way for newly minted Facebook millionaries? I remember years ago on Capp street when a couple of yuppie dot commers got their feelings hurt because some street elf made a disparaging comment. After they started yelling and trying to intimidate him, they got chased all the way back to their brand new beamer by the most savage pack of drugged out elves you have ever seen. These dudes were straight up ghetto and they scared the shit out of those pricks. It was glorious.

    Now days the art school pricks just pass by and laugh when they see an Elf on the streets. It’s a sad time we are living in folks.

    • GG says:


      Not to mention that the disco building boom is crowding out all the elf-dominated industries that were here FIRST.

  2. friend says:

    we have everything in the mission!!!