Fresh Wreath Breaths!

I must be some kind of marketing genius, ’cause the first thing I thought when I saw that sign was that after Christmas they could easily modify it to sell to a breath mint company!

Voilà! The graphic mostly works too!

Reading the signs around us

Our ol’ pal Broke Ass Stuart recently discovered a little known supply shop for disco builders here in the neighborhood.


I bet you could get some of those live goldfish shoes. Or maybe I’m thinking of pimp style. There’s a lot of overlap. You’d probably just find a lot of little mirror pieces that you could glue onto things to make disco balls. Good use of space, guys.

And then, days later, I found an equally interesting new business venture, Elf Storage.

Elf Storage

It makes sense when you think about it: you can fit twice the units as regular storage. Plus, outside of the Christmas season, you really only need to keep out the ones who make cookies for you.

Anybody else?

UPDATE: More good, though not local, examples in the comments!

Letter Matching

fig. A

I was just wondering, as I walked around the other night, if the sign at Skylark (fig. A) and the letters hanging in the window at Therapy (fig. B) came from the same source.

fig. B

And so, if they did . . . what might the letters have advertised before they were broken up? Hmm? So talk, Mr. Sky.

Outbreak of Flatulence Has Neighbors Mobilizing

Farts basically act as a perfume at 16th and Mission, so don't hate.

Farts basically act as a perfume at 16th and Mission, so don't hate.

From “Senor Hair”:

New (at least to me) signage in a storefront window on Mission @ 16th. I guess somebody’s looking to clean up the neighborhood. Let’s hear it for modest starts.

49-Mile Scenic Drive Signs Point to Friday Night Fun

The Curiosity Shoppe tonight hosts an opening reception for Annie Gavin‘s new show, 49 Reasons Why. The whole show is said to be inspired by San Francisco’s famous 49-Mile Scenic Drive signs. Browse more of the artist’s work at her online store. Thanks, Eve! (via sfgirlbybay)

Is that enough links for one three-sentence post? No? Well, then…

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Who Ganked Thrillhouse Records' Fire-Breathing T-Rex Signage?

thrillhouse-records-t-recs.gifIf the sitch is not rectified, all that will remain of this great signage is this Google Maps Street View imageUpdate: I guess it’s just being painted or something, should be back soon (see comments).

.02 Mile Scenic Drive-Thru Sign at Jimboy's Tacos in Sacramento Pokes Fun at San Francisco's 49-Mile Scenic Drive Signs

11-24-07_1438, originally uploaded by Mission Mission.

For Thanksgiving, we went to Sacramento to see the fam and take part in the 20th Annual Appetite Enhancement & Fat Tire Ride. Sunday morning, we went to Jimboy’s Tacos and noticed this ingenious bit of signage while waiting in line for our box of hangover-halting grease.

For reference, the real thing looks something like this.

And since the holidays are upon us, we suggest checking out the Jimboy’s Cafe Press store.