Letter Matching

fig. A

I was just wondering, as I walked around the other night, if the sign at Skylark (fig. A) and the letters hanging in the window at Therapy (fig. B) came from the same source.

fig. B

And so, if they did . . . what might the letters have advertised before they were broken up? Hmm? So talk, Mr. Sky.

6 Responses to “Letter Matching”

  1. meligrosa says:

    good eye. love those letters! <3
    maybe from vegas?

  2. johnny0 says:

    Avoid laser! (Oh, wait, that’s you.)

  3. pagrus says:

    Sky ark molts?
    Lost sky mark?

  4. skylarkbar says:

    Shop Costy Mart

    Those fun carnie letters are reproductions from India…

  5. Eric says:

    Funny – just today I saw signage in the exact same style, and I was staring at it in wonder…it says “Cherries”, and it’s at Cherries Flowers on 9th Street.